Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Reggie S. Alexander

Facial plastic surgery pros and cons that need to be considered before surgery There are many different types of facial plastic surgery. Each type of surgery on a different part of the face has its unique terminology. Below I have listed the different types of facial plastic surgery available today: […]

80’s Fashion Trends and Fads

Reggie S. Alexander

Eighties fashion is now back on the catwalks and about to be seen on the best dressed women in town. With vintage styles such as power shoulders, making a comeback, just what are the 80’s fashions that have so inspired designers? Fashion was at it’s finest during the 80s as […]

Macafen Help For Menopausal Women

Reggie S. Alexander

Women experiencing menopause are often seeking some kind of solution to their symptoms to make them feel like themselves again. Menopause is a tough time and for many women a very unwelcome distraction in a busy life. There are countless products on the market claiming to aid menopausal side effects […]

Product Observation

Nowadays, people put little or no thoughts into the buying of cosmetics for their skin, all they do is look for a specific function they want it to perform, and then they take it off the shelf, take it home and slather it on. They don’t think about the substance […]

All About Fashion Modelling

Fashion modeling is one of the most popular and one of the richest industries in the world at present. Each country has their own fashion trends and designs, and fashion modeling is the art of wearing those designs and displaying them to the girl. Fashion models are professionally trained artists […]

The Meaning of Gifts – A Silk Tie

Red roses signify love; yellow roses signify friendship; earrings for a woman mean that she is cared for, but that he is not fully committed; a teddy bear for a birthday present means the relationship is new and it is the ‘safe’ option if you are not sure of your […]