My Bloody Valentine Movie Review

Reggie S. Alexander

My BLOODY, BLOODY Valentine Hold on tight. This new release DVD for rent deserves a bold, over-exaggerated heading. I’m telling you, this one is actually good. I hate having to watch and review horror movies, it’s just not what I’m into. I like a laid back comedy, or some action.This […]

Plus Size Lingerie Buying Tips

Reggie S. Alexander

Gone are the days when plus size women were left out when it came to beautiful, stunning dresses and clothes and more so lingerie. Modern time designers have embraced the plus size women and have created stunning garments to make them feel and look sexy as they naturally should be. […]

Beauty and Health Tips

An old fad often mentioned that beauty is in the eye balls with the beholder and individuals work hard each day to bring it out. Beauty and health tips need to be applied for men and women to possess glowing epidermis, hair and nails. There are beauty and health points […]

Johnny Dangerously (Movie Review)

One of the more under-appreciated comedies of the 1980’s, Johnny Dangerously seems to have slipped under the radar of the majority of the movie viewing public. But this is a true gem of a comedy created in the spirit of cult hits like Airplane and The Naked Gun. Sporting an […]

The significance of a robust online community in 2023


Today, many businesses are attempting to establish an online community to assist their customers in learning, sharing, and collaborating, which can foster growth and relevance in their respective industries. Communities are built on listening to what people want and allowing them to shape the evolution of what it is. The […]

The Holy Bible (1994)

At a time when Oasis sang of ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’, Suede sang of ‘New Generations’ and Blur had a jovial Phil Daniels talking about London suburbs, Manic Street Preachers unveiled an album so horribly downbeat even Robert Smith would have cried listening to it, releasing it one year before Radiohead […]