What to Look For When Buying People Counters?

A lot has been written about how effective people counting systems are in retail stores, malls, airports, event centers, libraries, and other locations where it’s important to measure visitors accurately. People counting devices can be used for more than just counting traffic nowadays; they can also predict visitor behavior in […]

The Sustainability EDIT 2022 Industry Report

While the fashion industry grapples with rising inflation and a looming recession, sustainable initiatives can’t afford to fall by the wayside, especially with climate shifts accelerating and customers becoming more vigilant about greenwashing. It’s clear that the businesses poised to thrive are those who are doubling down on innovation designed […]

Diptyque Christmas Candles (and more!) 2022.

‘Shimmering constellations and dancing letters create the enchanting scene of Diptyque sky map. This year, the stars and the night sky inspire the Maison’s limited-edition scented creations, perfect to celebrate the holiday season.’ We know Christmas has landed when Diptyque launch their infamous and incredible Christmas scent range. I treat […]

Custom 24k Gold Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, 24k gold is the most precious metal you could use to make a unique jewelry. For most precious it is, pure gold has some constraints you should be aware of. Three main particularities characterize 24k gold: Color: 24k gold is obviously yellow, deep yellow and […]

Meet Essie Shaw & CJ Anderson

  If you know Got Beauty, you know that our northwest feature window is extremely close to our heart. More than just visual merchandising, we view our shop window as our opportunity to outwardly represent Got Beauty’s personality, core values, and unequivocal love and support for our community. For our […]

Personalized Experiences Across Touchpoints: The Key to Winning the Holiday Season in Today’s Digital World

Personalization has moved past the eCommerce world to include retail touchpoints across online and offline channels. Customers now demand to be met with personalized experiences on their turf and their terms. With traditional differentiation approaches such as strategic pricing and promotions no longer deemed ‘enough’, how can retailers stay relevant […]

Fashion Jewelry vs. Fine Jewelry Jewelry Business

If you are new to the jewelry world, then you’ve probably encountered some jewelry categories that might leave you confused. Especially for the distinction between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry. When buying jewelry, the terms “fashion” and “fine” will always come up and it’s important that you understand the difference […]