What is Avant-Garde Fashion?

According to the dictionary, the avant-garde current it is an artistic current which fights against the already known and accepted forms and traditions, suggesting a revolutionary formula. In other words, this avant-garde may be regarded as an artistic innovative movement, which came out from a spirit of negation and revolt […]

Les Miserables: A Film Review

Think about the mortification and the distress of the individuals who spent years in prison, who have served their time and apparently paid their debt to the society, yet they are never given another opportunity; they are dealt with as dangerous people who are still a threat to their communities. […]

Grab Beauty Products Online at Ease

If you are in search of inexpensive beauty products, then you must take an online tour to find the world’s best beauty products. Though there are many other items available at lesser prices in different places, beauty products are an exception to such category as they are not only inexpensive […]

Top Tips For Choosing Birthday Gifts

Giving and receiving gifts can be great fun and a chore at the same time. It is very easy to get frustrated while choosing an ideal birthday gift and not many people are adept at choosing the right or perfect gift. I remember spending hours in various shopping malls and […]

Re-Enameling Vintage Jewellery

Over the years, I have acquired many pieces of vintage jewellery that has some wear to the enamel. Many of these pieces were relegated to my jewellery box, where I could not bring myself to throw away or wear. It wasn’t until I purchased an interesting vintage Christmas brooch that […]

Choosing, Taking Care of Men’s Suits

Formal wear, formal clothing, or men’s suits general fashion term used to describe men’s wear. These worn in formal occasions, wedding, social gatherings, business and corporate clothing. Men’s must own at least one suit his lifetime. They must invest high-quality clothing. Men can not sustain cheap as what popular saying […]