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Iconic Chanel Dupes: Bags You Have to See!

Do you admire the aesthetic of a timeless Chanel handbag and dream of owning a similar look for less? The Chanel dupes bags in this post are the most comparable to the iconic designs you are familiar with. What makes these great dupes? Think quilting, chain straps, and stunning hardware. The best part is that these bags are much more affordable compared to the real deal! They make the perfect pairing to any outfit.

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Chanel Bag Dupes

There is something so iconic about those interlocking C’s… they are a signal of high end, luxury fashion. Owning a Coco Chanel bag is a goal held by many women. However, for most of us, this is an unrealistic goal because the price tag for an average size bag STARTS at  about $5,000! For me, I’d rather save that cash and take my family on an awesome vacation.. or two! But don’t fret, because the bags I am sharing in this post and much more attainable in terms of price. You may have to do a double take on these Chanel dupes bags because the style is so similar to the authentic bags.


These Chanel inspired handbags are as close to the real thing you will get legally. You won’t be disappointed! If you are looking for branded dupes (that are technically illegal), you will have better luck finding those elsewhere on the web.

Chanel Dupes Bags

Chanel Flap Handbag Dupes

First on this list is the ultra-symbolic Chanel Flap Bag dupe! If you follow any well known celebrity or high end fashion influencer, you have probably seen this bag! If you want a Chanel bag dupe, it is likely this style you’re looking to buy.

There are particular things present in this $62 dupe flap bag that you will find in the original Chanel flap bag that stick out to me. The black quilted leather look, gold hardware, a double woven chain strap, and a downturn flap top. Many dupes out there have a straight flap, but I love that this one is down turned, like the real Chanel bag!

Chanel Dupes BagsFlap Bag Dupe

If you are looking for a bag that is most similar to the authentic Chanel look, you’ll want to get the bag above. However, the bag below from Amazon is another good alternative priced around $40 as of writing this post.

chanel Bag AlternativesFlap Bag Dupe


Below are more color options for both of the Chanel classic flap bag dupes. Pin the image below to save this post!

Chanel Bags Dupes


Chanel Tote Bag Alternative

For the girl who loves a good tote bag, this Chanel dupes bag is for you! A bag like this is the perfect catch all for everyday items and also works as a great computer bag if you are looking for a stylish office bag! You will notice this bag is very similar to the original Chanel tote, except of course for the logo C’s. Much like the real bag, this dupe has the diamond stitch quilting, partial chain straps, gold hardware, and black color. Even more this dupe has hundreds of 4+ star ratings!

Tote Bag Dupe


Chanel Boy Bag Dupes

Similar to the classic flap bag above, this is another iconic bag style from Chanel. This bag features a full flap and a straight quilted border with diamond quilting in the center. An authentic, used, black Boy Bag can be found on Rebag for about $4,400! Thankfully, one of my go to department stores has an awesome dupe for under $55. Chanel has offered this bag in several colors and hardware combinations over the years. I love this red Chanel alternative from Amazon!

Boy Bag Dupe


Chanel Handbag DupesBoy Bag Dupe


Chanel Hobo Bag

The Chanel hobo bag is one that varies in design each season. However, you can always spot specific elements in an iconic Chanel hobo bag such as chain detail, scooped top, wide body, and quilting. This hobo bag look-a-like is the most expensive dupe on this list, but honestly, it is so good! All of the bags by this designer give off serious Chanel vibes and had to share at least one bag with you!

Hobo Bag Dupe


Chanel Top Handle Bag Dupes

Looking for the iconic Chanel logo on a budget friendly bag? This one is the best option I could find! Not classic CC logo, but it is very close!! This bag is about $70 (as of this post) and comes in so many colors. Loving this Chanel dupe in nude and black! You are sure to love this classic design.

Chanel Bags DupesTop Handle Bag Dupe



Chanel Backpack Alternative

This Chanel backpack dupe from Dillard’s  has a very similar style to the real designer look with a flap top, gold detailing, and quilt pattern. This is such a steal at less than $30. It is a miniature size, making it super convenient and on trend!

Backpack Dupe


Chanel Bucket Bag Alternative

The final Chanel bag for this dupes list is the trendy bucket bag. This dupe is the cheapest bag on the list, but the style is on point and has serious Chanel aesthetic to it! As of this post, this look-a-like bag is priced under $20! The best part is that it has double O’s, which closely match the interlocking C’s that the Chanel brand is famously known for!

Bucket Bag Dupe



That’s brings us to a total of 10 Chanel dupes bags! Looking for more? Shop these additional alternatives that will have you feeling like a million bucks with your Chanel look-a-like handbag!


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Chanel Dupes Bags

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