15 Of The Best Casual Pants For Men That Will Prepare You For Any Situation (2022 Edition)


What do you wear when suit pants are too dressy, but joggers are too informal? It sounds like the start of a bad joke, but really, this dilemma sets the stage for the best casual pants for men. Sure, it may be easy to throw on a suit and tie, but what if the dress code calls for something a bit more parred back? 

Casual pants for men can be anything from slacks to jeans to khakis and beyond. This guide covers the core types of casual trousers every man needs in his wardrobe, plus the best pairs on the market today, save for jeans and joggers. 

So whether you’re getting ready for your next cocktail party or simply don’t want to look like a dweeb at an upcoming family function, these are the best casual pants for men to ensure you always have something suitable to wear, no matter the occasion. 


Chinos are the backbone of the best casual pants for men. Wear them to the office, social gatherings, family functions, and beyond. They’re the most dependable option for year-round wear thanks to the medium-weight cotton twill and will match pretty much everything already in your closet. 

In terms of casual pants for men, the following pairs of chinos will be a welcome addition to any man’s wardrobe.

Man standing on a beach dressed in white slacks and a button t-shirt
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When it comes to chinos for men, Luca Faloni reigns supreme with their Cortina cotton rendition, handcrafted in Northern Italy. Designed to strike a flawless balance between comfort and fit, these casual pants for men will carry you from the office to the bar and beyond. 

The fabric is a medium thickness, meaning they’re cut out for year-round wear, and the tapered fit is nothing short of flattering. Aside from the cut and weight, there are plenty of details that make these pants worth the splurge, like the internal waistband to keep your shirt tucked in, a central belt fastener, and a triple horn button closure. In short, these chinos make it easy to look good.

With six neutral colorways, matching these causal pants to wardrobe staples is a breeze. Wear them with crisp oxford shirts, suede derbies, and a blazer if you feel like dressing it up. Or go the parred back route with a premium t-shirt and a pair of sharp leather sneakers. 

Material: 97% cotton twill, 3% elastane | Colors: Navy, Beige, Green, Walnut, Grey, Black | Size Range: 28 – 40 | Care: Machine washable, air dry

When it comes to the best casual pants for men on a budget, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better pair than Uniqlo’s slim-fit chinos. This Japanese brand has masted the art of basics that won’t break the bank and their chinos are some of their finest work yet.

Swen from a high-density cotton twill fabric with plenty of stretch, these chinos look as good as they feel. You’ll never be tugging at your fly thanks to the stretch in the waistband, which also conveniently keeps your shirt tucked and locked in place.

While there are lots to love about these chinos, it’s particularly handy that they’re wrinkle resistant, and come in six earth tones. Weighing in at under $50, why not get a pair for (nearly) every day of the week? Pair them with t-shirts, long sleeves, or button-downs… Whatever you choose, these pants will easily fit into your trouser rotation. 

Material: 97% cotton, 3% spandex | Colors: Light grey, Dark grey, Black, Beige, Dark green, Navy | Size Range: 27inch – 42inch | Care: Machine wash cold

For a tried and true pair of chinos, Scandinavian brand Norse Projects’ Aros trousers will certainly do the trick. With a straight cut and organic cotton twill fabric, these chinos don’t stray far from classic. They’re a choice pair when it comes to dressed-down gatherings where you still want to look polished, or in a laid-back office environment. Throw a blazer on top and you can even get away with wearing these casual pants for men to a cocktail party.

What sets these pants apart from a typical pair is the built-in stretch, thanks to a tiny bit of elastane in the construction. Rather than sitting rigidly, these pants will move with you, without losing their flattering silhouette. 

Material: 98% organic cotton twill, 2% elastane | Colors: Khaki, Navy, Ivy Green, Black | Size Range: 28×32 – 38×34 

Work Pants

If you’re not working on Wall Street, chances are you don’t have to wear a full suit to the office. But just because you’re not required to wear your Sunday best doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look good at work, and these pants make it easy to do so. 

The world is more casual than suit pants but if you need something without sacrificing professionalism, these work pants will be a saving grace when it comes to sitting in a cubicle (comfortably) for 8+ hours and will have a seamless transition for all your after-work activities, too. 

Man wearing a suit slouching in a chair
@mango_man / Instagram

Crafted expertly in Italy from the finest organic cotton, L’Estrange London’s 24 Trouser is the perfect work pant. Breathable and lightweight (unless you opt for a heavyweight or wool pair), these casual pants for men are dressy enough for office wear but comfortable enough that you won’t rip them off the second you get home. 

From the boardroom to the bar, these trousers feature a flattering slim fit, making them an ideal alternative to suit pants or jeans. Best of all, there’s a hidden elastic waistband which means you can eat as much as you want at lunch and not feel like bursting out of your pants when it’s back to the cubicle you go.

Available in five core colors and two limited runs, the beige pair will effortlessly fit into any office wardrobe, paired sharply with a light blue oxford and a pair of derbies or clean white sneakers. 

Material: 97% organic cotton, 3% elastane | Colors: Navy, Black, Slate grey, Beige, Khaki, Forest green, Light blue, Slate-grey gunmetal | Size Range: XS – XXL | Care: Machine wash, hang dry

Smart doesn’t always have to be a drag, as demonstrated by these A Day’s March trousers. A foolproof pick in the world of work pants, this pair is equally at home at the office as they are at the pub, a date, or the stadium. Made from ultra-durable Tencel, this is a fabric you can feel good about wearing. It’s super eco-friendly as it’s made from wood pulp fibers, yet feels just as soft as cotton so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort in favor of sustainability. 

The front of the pants features a button closure, while the back has an elastic waistband to hide how cushy the trousers are. While they boast a slightly relaxed fit with a subtly dropped crotch, thanks to the elastic waist, you’re able to size down for a slimmer silhouette. 

Material: 100% Tencel | Colors: Navy, Olive, Walnut, Black | Size Range: 44 – 54 | Care: Machine wash, hang dry

Wool trousers are all the rage when it comes to work pants. They’re smarter than jeans, warmer than chinos, and less rigid than your typical suit pant, which are all wins in our book when it comes to sitting in an office all day. This pair from Axel Arigato will upgrade your casual pants collection and keep you looking fresh all day long. 

The perfect choice for minimalists, these pants forego all the extra bells and whistles and keep it simple with single press creases down the front leg, belt loops, and classic suit pant buttoning. For a unique twist, Axel’s branding adorns the back waistband with a leather patch and metal lettering. 

With a slim fit, these pants can easily replace run-of-the-mill suit pants and can be worn with a button-down and fitted blazer. If you prefer a more street style look, size up for a slightly relaxed fit and pair the pants with a colored crew neck and matching Nike Dunks. 

Material: 44% wool, 54% polyester, 2% elastane | Colors: Pale beige, Grey, Black | Size Range: XS – XL 

Cargo Pants

Thanks to the revival of 90’s style, cargo pants are back in and here to stay. King of casual pants for men, cargos are as versatile as they are stylish. Wear them out on the town or off adventuring… the world is yours with these multi-pocketed pants! 

Simple to style and flattering on most any body type, these cargos are some of the best casual pants for men looking for their new closet staple. 

model wearing cargo pants and a puffer jacket, only mid-torso and upper legs is showing
@carharttwip / Instagram

A practical pant for the practical man, these Edwin Manoeuver cargos offer a fashionable twist to standard cargo pants with a relaxed fit, elastic waist with a drawstring and gusset detailing. The cropped ankles make it easy to show off your favorite pair of kicks, while the multitude of pockets provides room for everything and anything. 

It’s simple to create an on-trend outfit with these cargos by pairing them with a premium cotton t-shirt, chore jacket, and sneakers. They’ll also look fresh with a solid color polo, logo hoodie, and a pair of high top Vans or Converse, depending on the kind of look you’re going for. 

Material: 100% cotton | Colors: Martini olive, Black, Navy blazer | Size Range: S – XXL 

Yes, Tom Ford does it all, cargo pants included. And yes, true to brand form, his cargo pants are some of the sleekest around. With a straight leg and jet black color, these cargo pants don’t come cheap but are a prime addition to any modern man’s wardrobe. The ideal casual pants for men with designer taste, these cargos don’t leave you wanting for much. 

Made in Italy from soft cotton, these laid-back cargos have a relaxed fit with a lower crotch, without being too baggy. They’re a solid mid-weight for year-round wear and have snap closure with a drawstring waist to grow (or shrink) with you. In standard cargo fashion, there are more pockets than you need with two in the back, two in the front, and two on the sides.

When it comes to putting together an outfit, these cargos thrive with chunky sweaters, bomber jackets, leather loafers, or suede sneakers. If all else fails, throw on a hoodie with a pair of Oliver Cabell Low 1s and you’ll be ready for anything. 

Material: 100% cotton | Colors: Black | Size Range: 30 – 40 | Care: Machine wash

Carhartt is pretty much synonymous with all things workwear, and their streetwear brand, Carhartt WIP (Work in Progress) upgrades the blue-collar dress code tenfold. These trousers are everything when it comes to casual pants for men as they’re a unique hybrid between cargos and joggers. Designed to take you from city streets to backcountry adventures, they’re a practical upgrade from typical men’s sweatpants and look a whole lot better too. 

Thanks to the 100% ripstop cotton, you’ll never have to worry about tears and snags, and the elastic, drawstring waist means getting a comfortable fit every time. In classic cargo fashion, there are two sides (zippered) pockets and two utility pockets on the legs. The cuffed ankles are a nice touch as they keep the pants from dragging in the mud, which also gives them the laid-back joggers style that’s never going out of fashion. 

In a classic cargo pant khaki, match these bad boys with hoodies, crewnecks, bombers, or leather jackets with a plain t-shirt underneath and high tops to complete the look. 

Material: 100% cotton | Colors: Leather, Cypress, Black, Camo Mend, Provence | Size Range: S – XXL

Performance Pants

Performance pants are something that all men need for the moments when a typical pair of trousers or a run-down pair of sweats won’t cut it. Offering worlds more than joggers, performance pants are a pair that you can take from the gym to the street. They’re designed with the man on the go in mind with plenty of stretch and breathability. 

Whether you’re looking for something comfy to wear to the office or a casual pair of pants for a jet-setting lifestyle, performance or tech pants for men are where it’s at. 

Man sitting on the side of dock
Forét Studios

While they may look like your standard casual pants for men, they’re constructed from quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant Warpstreme™ fabric that’s designed for shape retention and four-way stretch. They’re supremely smooth and unbelievably comfortable, without sacrificing the look of everyday trousers. So basically, these pants allow you to wear workout clothes anywhere and everywhere… Genius. 

Featuring a button and zip closure, zippered back pocket, and a whopping 13 color options, these pants are seriously cool. If you flip up the bottom cuffs, a small reflective piece is revealed, perfect for bike rides to and from the office. Nice enough for work, sturdy enough for the gym, yet comfortable enough for the couch, it’s hard to argue with the practicality in these casual pants for men. 

Material: Warpstreme™ (53% elastomultiester, 47% polyester) | Colors: Carbon dust, Butternut brown, Silverstone, Black, Raw linen, Silver drop, Deep artifact, True navy, Obsidian, Trench, Grey sage, Iron blue, Dark olive, Light cast | Size Range: 28 – 40 | Care: Machine wash cold

Nike is the performance master, but also experts in design and fit, which is how the commuter pants came to life. Deviating from Nike’s sportswear tradition, these pants are made for everyday wear, especially for those on the go. Designed specifically with travel and performance in mind, the Commuter pants allow you to cover long distances without breaking a sweat, and to look good while doing it, too.

Take these trousers from the office to the air, whether you spend hours on the subway each day or are racking up frequently flyer miles. They’re certainly more of an athletic style, but look far more polished than sweatpants. Though the waist is elastic, there’s also a zip fly and hidden drawcord, along with a zippered pocket and front hand pockets. 

Since the pants are unlined, they’re perfect for layering or wearing in warmer environments. What’s more, the tapered fit keeps things classy and promotes a more structured silhouette than standard track pants or joggers. Wear them with t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, or even a bomber jacket. They’ll even look fly with a pair of Chelsea boots. 

Material: 100% polyester | Colors: Light smoke, Brown basalt, Midnight navy, Light iron ore, Rough green, Black | Size Range: XS – 3XL | Care: Machine wash

The tech trouser makes its debut in chino form. That’s right, a pair of performance pants that look like chinos, does it get any better? Rather than more structured cotton twill, these tech pants are made from breathable polyester and finished with a water-resistant coating to keep you fresh all day long, even if you’re crossing the city or sitting sideline at a game. 

Designed for optimal durability and enhanced performance, these pants are wrinkle resistant, slim fitting, and your new go-to’s. With three color options, there’s a pair for every circumstance, the office included. Since they look so much like standard chinos, these performance casual pants for men can be worn pretty much anywhere and are guaranteed to keep you comfortable. And trust us, no one will know the difference.

It’s incredibly easy to pair these pants with what you already have in your closet. For a nicer look, opt for a solid-colored t-shirt, oxford, bomber jacket, or sweater. To dress them down, throw on a hoodie or crew neck and match them with your favorite pair of sneakers. 

Material: 100% polyester | Colors: Slate grey, Black Duffle | Size Range: 28 – 38

Pleated Pants

Nothing screams fancy like pleats, am I right? So what are pleated trousers doing on a list of casual pants for men? Luckily, pleated pants are a hybrid. They can be super dressy or the ideal addition to a street-style outfit. Wear pleats with blazers or hoodies, sweaters or bomber jackets, button-downs, or t-shirts. 

However you choose to style pleated pants, you’re sure to look good. So if you’re looking for a way to spice up any look, pleated pants will do the trick every time. 

man slouching in a chair wearing green cords, runners and a vest with a thermos open on the ground
Forét Studios

A captivating alternative to suit pants, these Luca Faloni pleated wool trousers will elevate any man’s wardrobe. Though they’re not entirely casual, they’re a step down from dress pants making them hugely versatile for a range of occasions. 

Made in Northern Italy from pure virgin wool, these pants are soft to the touch and great for winter months. Full of subtle detailing, they feature a flattering slim-straight leg and tailored pleats on the front of the pants. The combination of these design features creates a slightly relaxed look, allowing any guy to dress these pants either up or down. 

Lined with cotton fishbone to ensure longevity in the pants and finished with hook closures and even an internal drawstring, these pants allow for the perfect fit every time. And with two darker neutral colorways, it’s simple to match them with your current wardrobe staples. These pants will look sharp with an unstructured blazer, button-up shirt, and a pair of derbies for work, but equally as good with a knitted polo or heavyweight t-shirt paired with white leather sneakers or loafers. 

Material: 100% virgin wool | Colors: Charcoal grey, Midnight blue | Size Range: 28 – 40 | Care: Dry clean only

Effortlessly combining two trends with one, these pants have both patchwork and pleats for the guy who likes to dress outside the box. Made from soft cotton corduroy, iconic brand Baracuta (home of the famous Harrington jacket) has collaborated with NYC streetwear brand Noah to bring these trendy trousers to market. 

With a laid-back wide leg brought out by the pleats on the front, these pants crop just at the ankle to show off your favorite kicks. Wear them with sneakers, loafers, or even high tops to complement the patchwork. Finished with all the classics like belt loops, slash pockets, and two buttoned back pockets, these pants are a choice alternative to jeans for any guy looking to upgrade his personal style. 

Though super funky, it’s easy to match these pants with solid color t-shirts, Chore or Harrington jackets, and even a proper jean jacket with cuffed sleeves. For a more casual look, throw on your favorite hoodie and you’ll be ready to go. 

Material: 100% cotton | Colors: Brown patchwork | Size Range: 28 – 36 | Care: Dry clean

A prime choice for a polished look, these casual pants for men are the ultimate year-round trouser. Made from soft organic cotton that will stand up to years of wear and wash, these pants from COS are as stylish as they are practical. 

There’s a whole lot to love about these pants, like the pressed pleats down the front, the turned-up ankle hems, and best of all, the stretchy elastic waistband making them an obvious pick for any events where you’ll be eating (or moving) a ton. They’re slightly more relaxed than your standard pleated trousers, making them a welcome addition to any guy’s casual pants collection.

It’s easy to dress these pants up with a nice sweater or an oxford shirt. Rather keep it casual? Throw on a premium t-shirt, a bomber jacket, and some Chelsea boots and you’ll be ready for anything the day throws at you.  

Material: 100% organic cotton | Colors: Black, Dark green, Light gray | Size Range: 28R – 38R | Care: Machine wash

What to Look For in Casual Pants For Men

When it comes to the best casual pants for men, there are a few primary considerations to keep in mind. 


The first element you’ll want to consider with casual pants is how they fit. The fit of pants is mostly in the legs. A slim-fitting or straight-leg pant will look inherently more polished than a baggy or slouchy silhouette. If you’re looking for casual pants that can be worn in a range of situations, stick to a slimmer fit. If you’re looking to get a bit funky with it, a more relaxed fit or a pair of casual pants with a dropped crotch tend to have a more street-style look to them. 

Beyond the leg of the pants, you’ll also want to consider how the waist is designed. Many of the best casual pants for men have an elastic waistband and/or a drawstring to get a more customized fit. Ultimately, these may end up being more comfortable than a standard zip fly, which is something to keep in mind when considering different pairs. 


Considering the fabric of casual pants for men is imperative to using them correctly. More high-quality fabrics like organic cotton, twill, and wool are ideal for year-round wear and will withstand plenty of runs through the washing machine. The trade-off here is these fabrics are typically more rigid than their lightweight counterparts.

On the other hand, fabrics like polyester, elastane, and spandex offer stretch and breathability that cotton simply cannot compete with. That said, these fabrics may have a shorter lifespan and look more athletic than casual pants for men made from cotton or wool. 


As a general rule of thumb, if you’re looking for a pair of wear-anywhere casual pants for men, chinos, work pants or pleated pants are a safe option so long as they’re crafted from high-quality material. For a more relaxed pair of casual pants for social gatherings, weekend wear, and a relaxed office environment, performance pants and cargos will take you anywhere you want to go.


    • Casual pants for men are essentially anything that’s not fancy enough to qualify as dress pants. This means there’s a huge range of casual pants like chinos, joggers, performance pants, jeans, work pants, cargos, and more.

      • If you’re looking for a pair of business casual pants for men, a dependable pair of chinos will always do the trick, or opt for something more interesting like pleated pants or wool work pants, all of which can be paired with Oxford shirts and dress shoes or loafers.

        • The best part about casual pants is how easy they are to style. Dress them up with a button down shirt, blazer, and derbies, or dress them down with a t-shirt, hoodie, or bomber, and a pair of white sneakers. There are no hard and fast rules about how to style casual pants so be sure to have fun with it and let your personality shine through in your outfit choices.


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