1987 in Birmingham – 30 old pictures of fantastic people, shops and places


Take a seat, and grab a cup of tea. We don’t mean to alarm you, but 1987 was 35 years ago.

That means it’s officially a bit of a stretch to say “it wasn’t that long ago” in casual conversation. They were still good times, though!

The 80s are said to be Britain’s favourite decade to look back on, and with good reason. The music , TV , and films were top-notch, and the youth fashion and culture was bold and bright.

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We took a dive into the Mail and Post archives to find out more about Birmingham in one year during the 80s. This collection of 30 pictures from 1987 is what we found.

The Birmingham SuperPrix was lighting up inner-city street circuits, and the second coming of Snow Hill Station was underway. Manager Graham Taylor arrives to turn a downbeat Aston Villa around, and the Queen Mum comes to open the new Crown Court building .

Two worlds collide as a pair of punks sit next to an elderly lady.

There’s plenty of shopping to be done in 1987, but there’s no shiny new Bullring centre in sight. Instead, the shoppers of Brum are having a day out at the markets.

There was a big freeze at the start of the year, and some of our well-equipped citizens found some ingenious ways to get around without falling flat on their bums. And there was a celebration of our famous waterways – complete with some traditional dress.

The cleaners gave us a wave from Birmingham Airport, and the University of Birmingham’s Law students dressed up smart for a 1920s murder trial. And a little boy took his first steps onto the ice at Silver Blades, too.

Besides that, there’s plenty of landscapes and events to dig into. Take a look below and let us know your favourites!

If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be? Comment below, or talk to us in our Nostalgia group on Facebook.

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