Adorable Clip Shows Grandpa Carry Little Girl in Bucket on Shopping Trip


A grandfather is turning heads in a viral clip where he carried around his granddaughter in a bucket around a Lowe’s, garnering a lot of laughs and amusement from viewers.

The now-viral TikTok, captioned, “Grandpa activities #fyp #babiesoftiktok #grandpa,” has been viewed 14.3 million times and liked 3.4 million times since it was shared on March 31.

According to an AARP survey, 73 percent of grandparents “enjoy their role” as a grandparent, rating their performance as “high.” One in 10 grandparents actually live with their grandchildren and babysit as well. In addition, around 5 percent of grandparents have primary care over their grandkids.

The short 17-second clip, shared by TikToker @jamesnjamie, is accompanied by the song Sunroof by Nicky Youre and Dazy. The video included text overlay that read, “I saw this at Lowe’s.”

The video started with a man as he carried his presumed granddaughter in a blue bucket in one hand while holding an item in the other as he walked around a Lowe’s store.

The grandpa perused the aisles while carrying the young child, who appeared to be a toddler, in tow. The camera zoomed in, and the girl smiled, clearly enjoying the free ride around the store. She put her hands on the outer edge of the bucket as she looked around. The man turned a corner down a new aisle and looked back before the video cut off.

Grandfather and granddaughter
An adorable clip shows a grandpa carrying a little girl in a bucket on a shopping trip. Here, a grandfather with his granddaughter who draws with crayons.

The creator of the video also shared more content of the grandpa walking around with his granddaughter in the bucket with new sound effects per the request of a commenter. The TikToker even tagged another user in a comment, claiming them as the grandfather in the clip.

Over 24,000 comments came in over the clip of the unique shopping arrangement. Lowe’s official account responded to the video as well saying, “Looks like they’re both having a great time!”

People seemed to appreciate the viral clip of the family members. “This is so cute,” a TikToker said. “That baby is having the time of their life.”

Some viewers had jokes about the toddler in the bucket. “They’re selling everything there these days,” a TikToker joked.

One viewer is hoping the child gets “to remember this when they grow up.”

A TikToker wanted to give the man the “best grandpa award,” adding, “Kid is all smiles and having a blast.”

Other people had comments like, “This is the child’s first core memory,” and “Does he have a course on ‘How to grandpa?'”

While some recognized the man’s strength. “Nobody is going to talk about grandpa’s strength,” a viewer pointed out. “This is so cute by the way.”

Another TikToker revealed that the girl’s “smile melted” their heart. “Definitely having the best time in the bucket!” they added. “Memories were made!”

Newsweek reached out to TikToker @jamesnjamie for comment.


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