Best Places In Aruba To Visit This Summer


Located in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba boasts the mesmerizing landscape of various shades of green and blue seen in turquoise waters. In addition, the best places in Aruba offer good hotels, bars and restaurants that make up the scene of one of the happiest places in the world according to the United Nations happiness index report.

But the island goes beyond beach trips. In addition to the best beaches where visitors can meet colorful fish and corals, Aruba also offers cultural and historical island tours that are can’t be missed.

Due to the high vaccination rate and low numbers of Covid-19 cases, Aruba lifted local restrictions. Thus, the island has resumed its traditional events as it expects to get back to its pre-pandemic tourist life.

However, it is important to emphasize that Aruba’s border entry requirements will remain in effect, including the need to provide proof of complete vaccination or have a 24-hour antigen test or PCR test at least three days before arrival on the island and present covid insurance of US$15.

Travel Noire has listed the best places in Aruba to visit this summer. See the list below:


Oranjestad means “orange city” in Dutch, which colonized the country, which belongs to the Netherlands but has an independent government. Today, the colorful Oranjestad is the capital of Aruba. In the city is the country’s international airport, where you will arrive, in addition to the port, if you visit Aruba on a cruise.

In addition to being ideal for shopping and services, the city boasts a mix of architecture, including beautiful colonial heritage. Worth the walk through the busy streets with many charming restaurants across the town.

As you walk through the city, it is worth passing Aruba’s oldest building, Fort Zoutman, built in 1798.

The fort was built to protect the city from pirates, very common in that region of the Caribbean.

You can tour the city with the vintage tram. The tram makes stops at monuments and shopping centers.

Arikok National Park

Pode ser uma imagem de 1 pessoa, árvore, natureza e céu

Pode ser uma imagem de 1 pessoa, árvore, natureza e céu

Arikok National Park, with its exotic cacti, cliff-top beaches and ancient caves, offers visitors an incredible experience with exuberant local fauna and flora.

The park has 78 km of trails, from the simplest ones, which allow everyone to walk without difficulty. It is also possible to do it by car.

If you hire a tour guide, the professional will explain the historical, natural and cultural aspects of Aruba, as you pass through groves of giant cacti and small caves with ancient rock paintings.

There is also a copy of one of the oldest houses on the island, built in adobe. It was the residence of the Dutchman who gave the park its name, Arikok. He lived there in 1730.

The park extends to the coast. By car, during the jeep tour, you will visit the ancient caves: Guadirikiri Cave and Fontein Cave.

The tour takes you inside millenary caves, which were once underwater. Leaving the caves, the tour takes you along cliff-lined beaches.

These are not beaches suitable for swimming, due to the strong current, but they make for wonderful photos.

For more information, visit its website.

San Nicolas Murals

Located 19 km from the capital, The city of San Nicolas is where Aruba’s famous murals can be found.

Several international artists have changed the face of the city since 2015 when the city became Aruba’s Art District.

The tour around San Nicolas can be done easily.

Aruba’s Must-Go Beaches

Walking through Aruba’s paradisiacal beaches makes visitors understand perfectly the local expression “biba dushi”, which, in Papiamento, the mother tongue of Aruba, means “live sweetly”, or enjoy life, carpe diem.

Those who want to experience at least 4 beautiful places in Aruba, Baby Beach, Palm Beach, Eagle Beach and Mangel Halto must be on the bucket list.

Mangel Halto Beach: Best Place Snorkel

Aruba Palm Beach Snorkeling for free [GoPro5] 4K - YouTube

Aruba Palm Beach Snorkeling for free [GoPro5] 4K – YouTube

Mangel Halto beach is ideal for kayaking and snorkeling, as well as soaking in the sun.

In Mangel Halto it is possible to kayak to the snorkeling point, to see colorful fish in the middle of the sea.

The colors of seawater change according to the depth and presence of corals.

Even if you are just going to snorkel, it’s important to hire a guide, who will lead you to the correct spot to snorkel in the middle of the sea.


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