Characteristics of Serbian Girls

When it comes to picking up Serbian women, “make no mistake”, it can be an incredibly complicated and challenging test. However, the rewards can be high as they are among the most stunning I have seen anywhere in the world; being tall, slim, curvaceous, and downright sexy. When visiting the main pedestrian walking streets in Belgrade or Novi Sad, for example, one will be shocked at the quality of women; walking up and down, as if they were in a fashion show. They also tantalize you further as they pose in bikinis on the beach (in Montenegro, for example), taking photos of each other. They love flaunting their hot bodies, and flirting with spellbound men.

With respect to their more inner qualities, they give the appearance of being more serious, relationship-style girls, not sleeping around (not obviously, at least)…. Many seem to settle down into family life very quickly, or are in some kind of a relationship. It is bizarre to see so many girls who are partying without boyfriends constantly texting that someone special throughout the evening.

Other personality traits they share include being very approachable to new people; having a high level of confidence, a polite demeanor, and an excellent command of the English language. They are also very switched on, fostering an entertaining conversation.

In terms of becoming intimate with a partner, Serbian girls seem to pursue a more elongated dating timeline. There are little open displays of affection shown by couples in public. It almost seems as though the religious undertones push intimacy into the underground.

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