Cost of Living in Spain: Everything You Need to Know

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Meta Description: Most people believe Spain might be an expensive city to live in, but the truth is it’s one of the cheapest in Western Europe. How? Find out here!

Apart from the top-notch football Spain plays, the country is famous for many other things that draw tourists, students, and immigrants.

People love traveling to Spain because of the culture and tradition the country showcases in its yearly festivals.

If you’re someone who’s planning to travel, study, or move to Spain, then we have the details for you. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to tell if life in Spain is meant for you or not.

We’ll also give you a few pointers on how to make the most of life in Spain.

Cost of Living for Tourists

The first one we’ll discuss is the excited tourists. If you’re planning a vacation in Spain, here’s some information you can use to ensure you enjoy thoroughly on a limited budget.

Okay, so the cost of touring around the beautiful cities of Spain will shock you. If you’re planning a one-week stay in Spain, then as a solo traveler, you only need $1100. Sounds amazing, right?

Surprisingly, hotels are very cheap in Spain and range between $49 and $209 per night, depending on which hotel you choose. Hint: We’re sure you can even afford a bougie hotel. Yet, each hotel offers its own unique experience. This is where review platforms like OpinionesEspana can make your search easier. 

With hundreds of reviews of different holiday companies, you can find travelling deals that come under your bill and also offer top-notch quality. 

On top of that, learning more about how to find Spanish reliable stores can further save you additional money as you wouldn’t get ripped off by the sellers while shopping.

Cost of Living for Students

Spain has been one of the preferred destinations for studying because of the rich history. Student life is just as interesting as planning a tour of Spain.

Apart from the tricky semester fees, which can go up to $11,000, yikes, students can afford the cost of living. However, that cost is for private universities, but if you go for public universities, the cost will be as low as $1000.

After the semester fees are done and dusted, you can move onto your monthly expenses, which for one person don’t go higher than $800—surprised to see the figure? Your monthly expenses depend on how luxuriously you live in Spain while studying. 

We’d suggest cutting down on some luxuries just until you can find a good-paying job.

Cost of Living for Immigrants

We have some good news for immigrants who are looking to start a life in Spain. On average, the per capita income is approximately $10,000, making it relatively cheaper to live in Spain.

The bottom line is, you need to start saving up before you can travel to Spain. Once you’ve got the money, you can travel or start living in Spain, easily!

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