Eco friendly sunglasses for summer


Few things are as important than a good pair of sunglasses, not only a style statement but an essential piece of holiday kit. But if you’re worried about climate change and want to make an eco friendly wholesale sunglasses choice this summer, you can’t do better than going for a vintage or preloved sustainable sunglasses frame.

These ethical, planet friendly frames already exist so no new resources or energy have gone into producing them and so they have a much lower impact on the environment. If you want to make a conscious choice this summer this is the way to go…


We know how important it is to protect your eyes from the sun rays while you’re chillin by the pool, so make sure your recycled sunglasses wholesale offer 100% UV protection. While it may be tempting to buy cheap replicas of designer sunglasses, fake sunnies are not the way to go as they may not offer you the same eye protection. Quality sunglasses frames and lenses meet strict safety standards ensuring they block UV light from reaching the eyes.

Vintage and designer sunglasses are better built, so it’s worth investing in a well made sunglasses frame that will last you longer and stand the test of time. They offer much better value in the long run as you’ll get more cost per wear and quality sunglasses can also be repaired and restored. Poorly made sunglasses frames are likely to break after a few wears and are only destined for landfill.


Whether you choose one-of-a-kind vintage or planet friendly preloved sunnies, you’ve made a truly sustainable zonnebril sunglasses choice. No new resources are used when you shop second hand sunglasses, they’re ethically produced, can often be handmade and they’re a low or no waste option.

Unlike the traditional production process of regular sunglasses which involves huge amounts of plastic waste and unsustainable manufacturing processes, vintage frames were made with very little or no production waste at all.

If you own a pair of vintage sunglasses with original lenses its always worth getting the UV levels checked to ensure they haven’t degraded and the UV protection is still in place. It’s a quick check at the opticians or we can do it for you and if the lenses aren’t offering you the protection, we can replace old lenses with new 100% UV protected ones to prolong the life of your sunglasses.


If your sunglasses have suffererd a little wear and are in need a some tlc you can prolong the life of your sunglasses with our repairs and restoration services. We can repair hinges and replace nosepads and tips along with more complex repairs.

Our polishing service removes scratches and restores lustre to frames before a deep cleansing in our ultra sonic cleaner. Nearly new to rewear for another summer in the sunshine.

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