How to Dress Like an R and B Superstar – 5 Easy to Follow Steps

You’ve heard them on the radio, seen them on TV; superstars like Chris Brown, Trey Songz and Usher. Anywhere they go, they have a certain presence about them, an aura even. The thing though, that sets them apart from regular people in everyday life is more attainable than you think: their clothing.

Celebrities have been, and always will be trend setters, but there are certain guidelines you can follow which will get you the same amount of attraction and presence as R&B superstars.

  1. First and foremost, get in shape. Join a gym – there are very few modern day supernova R&B singers who are overweight. If you’d like to exude the same amount of presence as these celebrities, you’ll need to acquire a somewhat likewise build: lean. So eat less, more healthy and workout more. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll look better in clothes (and out of them).
  2. Second, wear form fitting clothes. Obviously nothing too cheesy, but things like v-neck t-shirts and skinny jeans tend to be really form fitting and exude a confidence most average joe’s do not.
  3. Third, don’t be afraid to stand out. That is the point. Shop for jeans that make you say “Hmmm”. A great example of this is acid washed black and grey skinny jeans or jeans with rips and tears.
  4. Also, you can never have enough nice jackets, but just make sure they’re slim/form fitting and not too baggy. And make sure you get some nice shoes to go with this (when in doubt, go with white).
  5. Last but not least: accessorize. There’s nothing better than a boldfaced watch, great looking glasses and a beautiful chain.

As a last note, again: do not be afraid to experiment with colors others may be afraid to try. In example of this: I have a few pastel shirts and a red jacket fit for the set of a Thriller video.

With a little experimenting and this guide, you’ll be catching attention as-if you yourself were an R&B singer yourself.

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