How to Get Free Cosmetic Surgery Through Bartering Agreements

Cosmetic dentistry can be quite an expensive operation for many citizens. However, one of the ways that is being used to make the operation more available to more people is bartering. Barter trading involves performing a given task for the cosmetic dentist in exchange for the operation. If you have a skill that is beneficial to a dentist, you can trade of the services for a free cosmetic dentistry. If you would like to consider this option, then the following steps may guide you towards successful negotiation.

Get the costs for the process

The first step is to get the approximate cost of the operation. The cost of the dentistry depends on your dental formula and the extent of change you are seeking. You can get an approximate cost by inquiring from a cosmetic dentist. You can also get indicative prices from the internet although this will not be as accurate as consulting with a dentist. Getting the actual price of the dentistry will help you to price your barter offer better.

Consider what you can barter

Consider the services that you are willing to offer the cosmetic dentist. If you have a specific skill such as plumbing, accountancy, website design, interior designs, computer repairs or any other skill, you will need to know how to quantify it and market it. The best skills are those that are frequently needed especially by dentists.

Shop For Dentists

You will then need to seek for dentists who may be willing to trade for the dentistry. Depending on your specific skill, you can seek for a cosmetic dentist who is in need of your services. If you are a web designer for example, you can seek dentists who do not have websites. If on the other hand you are an accountant, you can look for smaller dentist offices that outsource accounts work on a temporary basis. One of the easiest way for getting a barter trade deal with a cosmetic dentist is to seek dentists who are new and are just setting up their practice. New offices will always need services here and there. You can also get such barter deals with student dentists.

Write a proposal to dentists

Once you have gotten a list of the possible dentists, you can go ahead and write a proposal to offer a trade-off for the cosmetic dentistry. You can send such a proposal to several dentists and await a response. You can hand deliver and discuss the offer with dentists who are more accessible. You can then negotiate in terms of the trade-off until you get to an amicable arrangement.

Come up with a final written agreement

Once you have come up with an agreement, you can proceed and get the agreement put in writing. You can then go ahead and do your part of the bargain as per the agreement. Bartering is an ideal way of getting a free cosmetic dentistry and therefore, if you cannot afford the operation at the moment, you can as well consider this process.

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