Makeup by Mario SoftSculpt Skin Transformers for Summer 2022


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Get completely ready to instantly change your pores and skin with the new SoftSculpt® Transforming Pores and skin Enhancer & SoftSculpt® Transforming Pores and skin Perfector. THE ENHANCER: a complexion balm that warms, tints & evens skin tone with a dewy complete. Comes in 6 shades. THE PERFECTOR: a blend of perfecting powders that blur, illuminate & established skin with a radiant, glowing complete. Arrives in 5 shades.

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SoftSculpt Reworking Pores and skin Enhancer, $30.00 (New, Long term)

This weightless balm warms, tints, and evens tone whilst nourishing skin to remodel your complexion. This multipurpose Enhancer is a sound balm, skin tint, and creamy bronzer all in one. Featuring six universal shades, this system is non-comedogenic and features sheer protection for a dewy end.

  • Light Warms fair to mild skin tones
  • Mild Medium Warms light-weight to medium pores and skin tones
  • Medium Warms light-weight medium to medium skin tones
  • Medium Dim Warms medium to medium darkish pores and skin tones
  • Dim Warms medium dark to dark skin tones
  • Darkish Deep Warms dark to darkish deep pores and skin tones

SoftSculpt Reworking Skin Perfector, $34.00 (New, Long-lasting)

Give pores and skin an airbrush impact with this mix of perfecting powders to illuminate, blur, and established for a radiant glow. This multipurpose Perfector is a bronzer, highlighter, and finishing powder. Featuring five common shades, this formula is non-comedogenic with sheer protection for a radiant finish.

  • Mild Warms good to gentle skin tones
  • Light Medium Warms mild to gentle medium skin tones
  • Medium Warms light medium to medium pores and skin tones
  • Medium Darkish Warms medium to medium dim skin tones
  • Dark Warms medium darkish to dark skin tones


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