Manana Habit – How to Get Rid of It

When at work, at home or in circumstances wherein you can finish tasks do you always say later or tomorrow? In Philippine tongue do you always say “mamaya na, bukas na lang” or anything like it? Do you often place your primary chores second only to doing nothing, dilly-dallying, watching movies, playing games or just idling around only to discover that you need to rush things to catch up on works you have not yet finished? If you are experiencing this then you my friend, are one of the individuals of the thousands of people afflicted by the so-called manana habit syndrome or let’s term it “procrastination virus”, it is actually one of the biggest reason for loss of productivity and late output that could hinder financial or personal growth.

This procrastination virus does not just affect Filipinos contrary to Filipinos beliefs which have been carved into our thinking by fellow countrymen that this habit is only found in the Philippines. They would often say “if you go to America, Japan, Korea and etc. you will find them always on time” is this true? I guess not. Actually this procrastination virus is found globally and no one is safe unless one fully protects himself and gets rid of this bad virus.

For lots of people, saving up their tasks for later is more habit than desire. It is difficult to start in a timely fashion especially if the penalties for being late are things that one can probably bear. If you belong to this kinds of people as i am yet you desire to shake off your propensity for procrastination then you visited the right article. Here are few tips to help you overcome this dilemma and develop to more productive and reliable individual.

1. Plan your schedules – It is advisable to list your schedules and activities based on priority. This will help you accurately plan your schedule and resources. An organizer or calendar of events will help you prepare and schedule your task so that you can begin them at once and finish them on timely manner and have quality output.

2. Save leisure activities for later – If you procrastinate do it positively, apply it in your leisure activities. Many people leave their work off for later saying, ” I have lots of time anyway, I’ll just have a little fun then make it up later” While it is good to have fun sometimes overdoing it makes you vulnerable to rush attacks. Is it not good to have fun after accomplishing your tasks?

3. Don’t Underestimate Your Tasks – occasionally procrastination sets in because people underestimate the resources, difficulty, and time spent for an individual task. They would usually say, “The job is easy I can finish that within an hour” The problem is there are always chances they can’t, no matter how easy or difficult a task is, it would still take time and resources to accomplish it. If you underestimate a task you will most likely set too little time to do it.

Lastly don’t allow yourself to be too comfortable doing nothing; it will help if you reserved your subconscious alarm each time you are doing nothing. Get this alarm to remind you of things that may need to be completed. This will help you nurture the idea that jobs accomplished promptly means extra time for relaxation soon after. However, even if this is the issue, always remember to leave enough time for rest as this always help you to think and work in full capacity. The trick here is not to overdo your rest. There is time for rest and there is time for leisure.

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