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Summer is here and with the increasing popularity of my capsule wardrobes, I put together a minimal wardrobe capsule for the beach! Whether you are doing last minute packing or have a trip next year, this post will inspire you to pack light, without sacrificing style. The trouble with overpacking is that the focus is usually on whole outfits, rather than individual pieces. Pack a small collection of coordinating pieces and you will have more outfit options that take up less space!

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What is a Wardrobe Capsule?

A wardrobe capsule is a small collection of clothing pieces, that can be interchanged easily to create several outfits. With a capsule wardrobe like this, you will have over 10 coordinating outfits for your vacation capsule wardrobe.

If you need something like this for your everyday wardrobe, check out this page! When you implement my seasonal capsule wardrobe, I will walk you through the entire shopping process so that you can complete your capsule. You may be surprised to find that you already own several capsule wardrobe pieces, because I incorporate wardrobe staples that may already be in your closet!

Why Pack a Minimal Wardrobe Capsule?

I’ve been that girl on a trip, the one who packs way too much and returns from vacation with a load of clean, unworn clothes. So frustrating! Even more, that same girl lugs around a heavy suitcase and waists precious vacation time at baggage claim. Don’t be that girl! There is so much freedom in packing light and utilizing a vacation capsule wardrobe. You will get so much time back on your trip, and who doesn’t want more beach time?!

Beach vacations are the perfect vacations for packing a capsule because most of your time is spent wearing a bathing suit. Therefore, you don’t need to worry as much about wearing pieces multiple times. I usually pack 2-3 suits for a standard week at the beach. This makes for an easy rotation. If you need to wash any clothing before wearing a second time, take these detergent sheets with you! I took these on a two week trip to Europe and washed laundry several times in the hotel sink with them!

Packing Tips for a Vacation Capsule Wardrobe

The two beach capsules I share below have under 20 pieces. Each can create at least 10 outfits and are perfect for lazy beach days, evening dinners, sightseeing, and casual activities. Here are some other things to consider when packing for your beach vacation…

  • What will the weather be like?
  • What activities will you be doing? (this will influence footwear, activewear, etc…)
  • What is the hotel/resort vibe? Will you be required to dress up, or is it more relaxed?
  • Are you travelling with young kids? A Mom’s style is heavily influenced by our children’s activities!
  • Will temperatures drop in the evenings?
  • Don’t forget to pack a travel home outfit and pajamas!
  • ALWAYS PACK COHESIVE COLORS. This is the key to a successful capsule wardrobe!

Beach Basics to Pack

Linen Shirt – A linen shirt is a beach essential for so many reasons. A classic button down is great for a coverup to wear to the pool or beach. The fabric is breathable and provides some coverage from the sun. The shirt can also be dressed up for an evening dinner or day of sightseeing.

Denim Shorts – You cannot go wrong with a flattering pair of denim shorts. They go with everything! They’re an easy “coverup” option to wear over a one piece.

Simple Tank Top – A nice white or black tank top is a staple for any womans closet. I couldn’t leave it off of this list. The pairing options are endless. Wear it with shorts, linen pants, or a maxi skirt.

Sunglasses – I usually pack two inexpensive pairs for the beach just in case something happens to the first pair.

Bathing Suit – This is a no brainer! But I had to share one of the best-selling Amazon swimsuits! This one piece comes in so many colors and is budget friendly!

Sandals – If there is one pair of sandals you need to bring to the beach, it is a rubber pair like these!

Sun Hat – A cute straw hat is not only functional but will keep you looking stylish.

Linen Pants – These are not shown in any of the graphics below, but they are such a great option for a beach capsule. THey can be used as a cover up or dressed up for dinner.


This minimal wardrobe capsule would be ideal for a casual beach getaway in the states. Each piece is linked below, or you can shop via LTK by clicking on the image below and search “beach capsule” in my posts!

Minimal capsule wardrobeBlack Suit  //  White Dress  //  Straw Bag  //  Green Dress  //  Striped Linen Sweater  //  Hat  //    Sunglasses  //  Brown Sandals  //  Navy Top  //  Linen Shorts  //  Black Tank  //  Blue Dress  //  Green Suit  //  Black Sandals  //  Denim Shorts


beach vacation capsule

beach capsule wardrobe

beach vacation wardrobe

minimal wardrobe capsule


The capsule below is a great option for a tropical beach vacation to the Caribbean or Hawaii! Everything is from Amazon, except for the denim shorts. Each piece is linked below, or you can shop via LTK by clicking on the image below and search “beach capsule” in my posts!


minimal wardrobe capsule beachBrown Sandals  //  Sweater Tank  //  Crochet Cardigan  //  Pink Dress  //  White Sandals  //  White Tee  //  White Dress  //  Floral Dress  //  Wedges  //  Straw Bag  //  Basic Tank  //  Bathing Suit  //  Green Bag  //  Linen Shorts  //  Denim Shorts  //  Smocked Shorts  //  Sunglasses  // Linen Shirt


minimal wardrobe capsule

minimal wardrobe capsule

minimal wardrobe capsule

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