Mink Blankets – 5 Things You Don’t Know About These Luxurious Blankets

Mink blankets are not made from the fur of the mink animal. The mink that is used for blankets and other items is an acrylic fabric, totally man made. The idea of calling the product mink is the same as the thinking behind the fleece blanket, which has little to do with a sheep or any other animal for that matter. The words are marketing terms to conjuror up vivid images in our minds of comfort, warmth and luxury. Even so, mink blankets are noted for being extremely soft, warm and dense.

Genuine Korean mink blankets are made in South Korea, the name is not another marketing ploy. The idea and production of the mink fabric was started in China and Korea and the name has stuck. The fabric is acrylic, man-made and has no animal products in it.

Mink blankets are noted for their imaginative motifs and colourful designs. Popular motifs include animals, such as Tigers, Lions and Wolves. A wide variety of themes are available however and you will find that the blanket can set the ambience of your bedroom. The theme of your bedroom can be set and centered around the motif on the blanket. The blanket can help to create the atmosphere in the room.

Mink blankets are very easy to care for. Unlike natural fibers, Mink blankets are machine-washable provided the wash cycle is gentle. Hanging on a line will dry them. The blankets can be ironed if needed but care must be taken as the fabric can react badly to strong heat. Using a protective cloth that dampens the heat is the best way to approach ironing.

There is a differing grade of quality of mink fabric. Like most goods, there are two ways to differentiate between the grades: the feel and the price of the blanket. As price is a hard thing to judge value with, it is best to feel the fabric in your hands. The softness and weight of the blanket should give you an indication of the quality of the blanket.

Mink blankets are the imaginative second cousin of the more traditional wool and cotton blankets. For someone looking for a unique style in their bedroom, mink blankets are worth investigating.

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