MRA designates 99 state legislative candidates as Friends of Retail


This week MRA’s Legislative Committee designated 99 legislative candidates as Friends of Retail; 66 running for the Michigan House of Representative and 33 running for the Michigan Senate. These 99 candidates, who will appear on the August 2 primary ballot, are considered a “Friend of Retail” and have earned Association members’ support.

“The retail industry is facing a lot of challenges and it’s more important than ever to have elected officials who are willing to work with us and find solutions to help the industry thrive,” said William J. Hallan, President and CEO of Michigan Retailers Association. “Retailers are critical to the success of our downtowns, offer first job opportunities, and provide the goods and services our communities rely on. We look forward to working with our Friends of Retail to support and grow the retail industry in Michigan.”

MRA’s Friends of Retail designations were approved by the Association’s Legislative Committee and are based on an analysis of voting records and candidate questionnaires. Current elected officials earning a Friend of Retail designation demonstrated through their votes on and sponsorship of key issues, while candidates earning a Friend of Retail designation have demonstrated through their answers to critical policy questions that they understand the importance of the retail industry to Michigan’s economy.

“MRA appreciates the interest these legislators and candidates have expressed in understanding and assisting the retail industry in Michigan,” said Amy Drumm, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs. “We encourage our members to support those candidates identified as Friends of Retail in both the 2022 primary and general election.”

2022 Friends of Retail

District 1                Erika Geiss (Democrat)

District 1                Frank Liberati (Democrat)

District 7                Jeremy Moss (Democrat)

District 8                Marshall Bullock II (Democrat)

District 9                Michael Webber (Republican)

District 11             Michael MacDonald (Republican)

District 12             Kevin Hertel (Democrat)

District 12             Pamela Hornberger (Republican)

District 16             Joseph Bellino Jr. (Republican)

District 16             T.C. Clements Jr. (Republican)

District 17             Kim LaSata (Republican)

District 18             Thomas Albert (Republican)

District 20             Aric Nesbitt (Republican)

District 21             Sarah Anthony (Democrat)

District 22             Lana Theis (Republican)

District 23             Jim Runestad (Republican)

District 24             Ruth Johnson (Republican)

District 25             Dan Lauwers (Republican)

District 26             Kevin Daley (Republican)

District 27             Bill Swanson (Democrat)

District 28             Madhu Anderson (Republican)

District 28             Daylen Howard (Republican)

District 29             Tommy Brann (Republican)

District 30             Mark Huizenga (Republican)

District 31             Roger Victory (Republican)

District 32             Jon Bumstead (Republican)

District 33             Rick Outman (Republican)

District 34             Roger Hauck (Republican)

District 35             Annette Glenn (Republican)

District 36             Michele Hoitenga (Republican)

District 37             John Damoose (Republican)

District 37             George Ranville (Republican)

District 38             Ed McBroom (Republican)

District 4                Karen Whitsett (Democrat)

District 10             Joe Tate (Democrat)

District 12             Richard Steenland (Democrat)

District 19             Samantha Steckloff (Democrat)

District 21             David Staudt (Republican)

District 27             Kevin Counts (Republican)

District 28             Virgie Ammerman (Republican)

District 30             William Bruck (Democrat)

District 34             Ryan Rank (Republican)

District 34             Dale Zorn (Republican)

District 35             Andrew Fink (Republican)

District 37             Brad Paquette (Republican)

District 38             George Steven Lucas (Republican)

District 38             Kevin Whiteford (Republican)

District 39             Pauline Wendzel (Republican)

District 42             Matt Hall (Republican)

District 43             Lindsay Kronemeyer (Republican)

District 45             Sarah Lightner (Republican)

District 46             Kathy Schmaltz (Republican)

District 49             Ann Bollin (Republican)

District 50             Bob Bezotte Jr. (Republican)

District 55             Mark Tisdel (Republican)

District 56             Mark Gunn (Republican)

District 57             Thomas E. Kuhn (Republican)

District 58             Nate Shannon (Democrat)

District 60             Joseph Aragona (Republican)

District 62             Joe Marino (Republican)

District 63             Jay DeBoyer (Republican)

District 64             Andrew Beeler (Republican)

District 64             Gary Eisen (Republican)

District 66             Jacob Newby (Republican)

District 67             Phil Green (Republican)

District 68             Lynne Freiberger (Republican)

District 68             David Martin (Republican)

District 71             Bob Carlin (Republican)

District 72             Mike Mueller (Republican)

District 76             Angela Witwer (Democrat)

District 78             Christine E. Barnes (Republican)

District 78             Ben Geiger (Republican)

District 79             Jeremiah Keeler (Republican)

District 81             Lynn Afendoulis (Republican)

District 84             Mike Milanowski Jr. (Republican)

District 85             Bradley Slagh (Republican)

District 87             Will Snyder (Democrat)

District 88             Greg VanWoerkom (Republican)

District 89             Luke Meerman (Republican)

District 90             Bryan Posthumus (Republican)

District 91             Pat Outman (Republican)

District 92             Todd Schorle (Republican)

District 93             Graham Filler (Republican)

District 95             Bill G. Schuette (Republican)

District 96             Timothy Beson (Republican)

District 97             Rodney Wakeman (Republican)

District 97             Paul Whitney (Republican)

District 98             Westley D. Tahash (Republican)

District 99             Mike Hoadley (Republican)

District 100         Tom Kunse (Republican)

District 101         Diane J. Schindlbeck (Republican)

District 102         Curt VanderWall (Republican)

District 103         Jack O’Malley (Republican)

District 104         John Roth (Republican)

District 105         Ken Borton (Republican)

District 105         Kim Morley (Republican)

District 107         Parker Fairbairn (Republican)

District 108         Dave Prestin (Republican)

District 110         Greg Markkanen (Republican)

To see the statewide 2022 legislative districts for each candidate visit the state’s new maps drawn by the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission.

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