Ruching Equals an Awesome Style Option For Fuller Figures

This year in fashion we’ve seen ruching turn up everywhere from beautifully tailored blouses to silhouette skimming skirts. Fashion-wise, ruching simply means slight folds of gathered fabric that adds a divalicious flair to our outfits.

Aside from added fashion flair, ruching serves a great purpose that plus size fashionistas can incorporate into their wardrobe. Many women love ruching, whether it be on their tops or bottoms, because the extra folds of fabric are awesome for hiding figure flaws. Whether you’re a size 4 or 24, we all already know that regardless of your size or shape, every woman has a particular flaw that she would like to detract attention from.

Ruching is great for camoflauging bumps, lumps, or general unevenness, which is why we’re seeing this detail feature prominently in women’s fashion, shirts and dresses in particular. When on the bottom half of a top, ruching helps to mimic a waist-cinching effect, and also creates a smooth visual line to transition between separates.

Another bonus that I’ve heard is that the extra fabric gives you the ability to pull the shirt up or down, which essentially changes the length of the top. You can pull it up slightly to complement that sophisticated high-waisted skirt or even a bit lower to accommodate boot leg jeans or trousers. Seriously, how much more versatile can you get than that?

I’m gonna go ahead and say that plus size women need to capitalize on this fashion trend while it’s still hot! The slimming and smoothing visual effect definitely works fabulously for full figures.

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