Samsung D-series and E-series Phones – an Overview

Samsung Electronics, the South Korean electronic giant has tasted tremendous success in launching mobiles that are capable to cater to the aesthetics and needs of different life styles. This innovator of many a heart-throbbing beauties have made sure that there are mobile phones for all. And have come to fore with a set of distinctively stylised set of gadgets in the name Samsung D-series and Samsung E-series mobile phones.

Come to talk about D-series phones from Samsung, one can’t escape with out making statements on the pronounced ‘specialities’ of these phones. If Samsung D830 is the smallest flip phone in the market, Samsung D900 is the slimmest slider phone of this world. However, in congruence to the look, the phones in this series also boast of innovative and functional feature assemblage. Coming in a diverse and vibrant range of colours, Samsung D900, the leader of the Samsung D-series bunch comes in a stunning bright red/grey composition. The vivacity of Samsung D900 Red is one of the many factors for this phone’s huge popularity in the mobile domain.

The E series phones form the Samsung family signify aesthetically pleasing design. Even though, mobile phones in this series, with a rise in the model number show a gradual ascent in functionality and technology assemblage, each handset of this family is unique and iconic in its own way. Each mobile phones in this series feature a camera with LED flash and other host of feature capable to put many a high-end phones into shame.

The handset that took the E series to a different level altogether is the one with a name Samsung Samsung E900. Powered with a 2.0 megapixel camera and premium features like Document viewer, the device has struck the perfect balance between design and functionality. Following the outstanding success with the Samsung E900, the company reinforces its stance in the mobile arena by introducing Samsung E900 Gold, the shining vivacity of which is sure to spell-bound many.

In a nut shell, all phones from both Samsung D and Samsung E series are unique and special in their own way. The range of usability and specialities of phones from both the series is diverse and accounts for different groups of users.

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