The Best Lotions & Cream for a Soft-Smooth Skin

Isn’t soft and smooth skin what we all need? A skin that bounces back looks healthy, smooth, soft, and glowing, all at the same time. Come on! Who even wants dry, unnourished skin?

Searching for the perfect lotion or face cream that leaves a healthy glow and fully moisturises the skin is difficult. The Indian market is filled with numerous lotions, and moisturising cream promises to leave the perfect moisturisation once applied. Everything from skin whitening cream to pigmentation cream and dark circles removal cream. 

It is why selecting the right product according to your skin type and personal preference gets confusing. So, if you’re searching for the right product, but confused about which one to pick, then you are in the right spot. 

This article will share a list of some of the best lotions and creams available on the market. Keep reading and check out the details to select your most suitable product.

Best Lotions and Creams for You

Here are the details of some of the best lotions and creams available.

1. Plum Hello Aloe Ultralite Day Lotion SPF20

A moisturising sunscreen lotion. This lotion gets enriched with aloe vera, which keeps the skin hydrated and refreshed all day. It also contains SPF20, which protects the skin against sun exposure. This lotion keeps the skin healthy and growing. It is a wonderful sunscreen cream. 

2. VLCC Cocoa Butter Detan Glow Body Lotion SPF30

A paraben-free body lotion that nourishes and de-tans skin. This nourishing body lotion is rich in cocoa and shea butter extracts that replenish moisture and hydrate skin. Avocado oil, rich in vitamin E, has de-tanning properties and leaves skin bright and glowing.

3. Nivea Natural Good Lavender Lotion

Body gel Nivea Natural Good Lavender Lotion is made specifically for sensitive skin. The lightweight, non-greasy formulation nourishes and protects skin, leaving it soft, supple, and scented with a fruity fragrance. It can also be used as a moisturising night cream. 

4. VLCC Skin Defense Honey Moisturiser

A moisturiser that hydrates skin for a soft and fresh feeling all day. This moisturiser moisturises, nourishes, and regenerates skin since it gets infused with the beneficial properties of honey, almond, olive, and jojoba essential oils. The mixture balances the skin’s natural moisture levels, leaving it supple and smooth.

5. Nivea Natural Good Avocado Lotion

This Nivea Natural Lotion body gel gets specifically formulated for people who have sensitive skin. The lightweight, non-greasy formulation nourishes and protects skin, leaving it soft, supple, and scented with a fruity fragrance.

6. VLCC Youth Boost Body Lotion SPF25

An anti-aging body lotion with SPF 25. Reduce skin damage and premature ageing with this Youth Boost body lotion. This lotion, enriched with shea butter, almond, and ginseng, deeply nourishes the skin and enhances its elasticity, leaving skin looking young, supple, and soft. The SPF 25 PA+++ formula protects skin against further damage due to UV radiation. It is great sun cream. 

7. Yves Rocher Bourbon Vanilla Sensual Body Lotion

A non-sticky body lotion. Shea butter, bourbon vanilla extract, and aloe vera have been added to this body lotion to make it more luxurious. It gently moisturises and softens skin. It also acts as one of the best face moisturisers for dry skin. 

8. Nivea Natural Good Oats Lotion

Nivea Natural Good Oats Lotion is a body gel formulated especially for sensitive skin.

The lightweight, non-greasy formulation nourishes and protects skin, leaving it soft, supple and scented with a fruity fragrance. You can also wear this as an under-eye cream. 

9. Mcaffeine Choco Body Lotion For Men & Women; Summer Lotion For Deep Moisturization Of Dry Skin

The Mcaffeine Naked & Rich Choco Body Lotion nourishes dry skin and softens it. It contains pure cocoa butter, caramel, and coffee. Mcaffeine Naked & Rich Choco Body Lotion delivers intense moisturisation and promises no more dehydrated skin with the presence of pure cocoa butter as a key ingredient. 

Additionally, the lotion firms the skin and provides longer bursts of hydration without sticking. It is perfect for daily moisturisation, and the mood-lifting chocolaty aroma is worth a deep sniff. This lotion has skin-nourishing components necessary for producing soft, supple skin. 

Pure cocoa butter, which the lotion contains, deeply hydrates and smoothes the skin. Caramel, which aids in improving the skin’s texture and increases skin suppleness, is added to this lotion’s advantages.

The lotion’s natural caffeine tones the skin. Shea butter, which softens and hydrates skin, is also present in the lotion. This product is free from paraffin, phthalates, parabens, mineral oils, sulphates, nasty chemicals, SLS, alcohol, ammonia formaldehyde, triclosan and PABA. Also, the product is dermatologically free, 100% vegetarian, cruelty-free and PETA certified. It also acts as a fairness cream and is the best moisturiser for dry skin. 

10. Yves Rocher Raspberry Peppermint Energizing Body Lotion

A body lotion that has been dermatologist-tested is paraben and mineral oil-free and contains extracts of raspberry and peppermint. This lotion leaves skin soft, supple and moisturised thanks to its creamy, non-oily formulation with extracts of raspberry and peppermint. It is made with substances derived from plants and has a reviving scent. Add the right product to your cart. All these products are available on Health and Glow.

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