‘The Killer’s Shopping List’ episodes one and two recap: getting down to business


“A man who snoops all over a neighborhood shop in wide daylight, looking out of spot, gives a perception that something disagreeable is sure to materialize.”

These are the foreboding words and phrases that get started off the story in 1996, when a man dressed in a saggy match (Jang Gained-younger) browses the goods displayed outside the house neighbourhood grocery shop Daesung Mart. With a solitary Choco Pie packet in hand, he heads determinedly into the store, and its proprietor, Han Myung-sook (Jin Hee-kyung), greets him with a brilliant, toothy grin. Briefly shaken when a police siren blares from the Tv set set, the gentleman proceeds to hand in excess of a crisp ₩5,000 monthly bill to make payment. This gets intercepted by Myung-sook’s 10-calendar year-aged son, Ahn Dae-sung (Park Ye-chan), who analyses it and notes that part of its serial number mirrors that of a variety of many others.

Though Myung-sook initially advises the guy to report the counterfeit invoice to the law enforcement, she arrives to realise that there ended up more in his wallet, which he claimed as “spending money for his nieces and nephews”. Pursuing an verbal trade between the counterfeiter and his mother, a plucky Dae-sung heads out of the keep to warn the police, but not in advance of pulling down its shutters and trapping the two adults in. A scuffle breaks out involving the counterfeiter and Myung-sook, who receives overpowered at one position. Nonetheless, when Dae-sung returns with police officer Kim Doo-hyun (Kang Gil-woo), they bear witness to Myung-sook – a previous higher faculty volleyball player – raining a cruel spike down on the counterfeiter, slamming a bag of rice grains in his deal with. Later, as he’s led away by the police, the counterfeiter – whose nickname is Oh Cheon-won – mouths a threat to youthful Dae-sung: “I’ll see you again.”

Myung-sook gets an award from the law enforcement for her valiant deed, which sends consumers flocking to her humble shop. Due in aspect to its soaring popularity, Daesung Mart receives upgraded into a mid-sized supermarket in just a span of five many years. Significant schooler Dae-sung (Park Ha-joon) continues to assistance out, staying true to his term that he would “protect the store” at all expenditures. This, despite getting a faux ₩5,000 notice in a Choco Pie box along with a threatening (albeit grammatically mistaken) message assumed to be written by Cheon-won, who experienced gotten released from jail.

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Quick forward to the current day: Dae-sung (Lee Kwang-soo) is now in his 30s and has unsuccessful the civil assistance test 3 decades in a row. He pays a check out to the father of his extended-time girlfriend, Do A-hee (Kim Seol-hyun from AOA), who significantly disapproves of his underachieving ways. Even A-hee herself has seemingly reached her breaking stage with Dae-sung, admitting that she’s been sticking about due to the fact of the probable value of his family’s supermarket creating.

Soon after that dismal check out, a despondent Dae-sung heads back again to his dormitory room to pack, intending to head again to his relatives household. As he leaves, it starts off to rain closely, leaving him no other preference but to make the prolonged trek in the downpour. He passes a Catholic church along the way, where by a pink slipper with a crimson heart is left deserted at the foot of the Virgin Mary statue.

Arriving at the grocery store, Dae-sung is shocked to discover his title taken out from the supermarket’s signboard. Wondering that his household grocery store experienced gotten acquired around, he despairs at no for a longer period remaining the “son of a developing owner”. His mom, having said that, pragmatically informs him that the grocery store is henceforth recognized as ‘MS’ – just after her, Myeong-sook – due to the fact in her phrases, “What have you completed for the keep to be named following you?” And rather of permitting him move again property, Myeong-sook makes Dae-sung set up at the mart’s rooftop storage place. She also allows him to do the job for her once again – even though on a thirty day period-prolonged probation, to stay away from nepotism statements.

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Myeong-sook responsibilities Dae-sung to go on a late-night flyer distribution run, which finishes up currently being somewhat eventful. Apart from getting ambushed by the resident “nunchucks grandpa” (pretty much a grandpa wielding a pair of nunchucks), Dae-sung is also confronted by Kyung-ah (Kwon So-hyun), a annoyed feminine resident saying to have wrongly been given a delivery of Choco Pies and tampons, contained in a Daesung Mart bag hung at her door. Dae-sung informs her that only buys higher than ₩30,000 would be delivered, and as a result couldn’t have been them.

The subsequent morning, the MS Mart crew – consisting of Myung-sook, Dae-sung’s elementary college pal Jung-yuk (Lee Kyo-yeob), elegance queen Ya-chae (Oh Hye-won), previous timer Gong-san (Kim Mi-hwa), Al-ba (Jo A-ram) and a newly re-hired Dae-sung – collect round for their every day heat-ups and updates. As for Myung-sook’s partner, Ahn Young-choon (Shin Sung-woo), he will get seconded as the ‘branch manager’ for an apartment elaborate outpost, underneath the watchful eyes of Women’s Affiliation president (Moon Hee-kyung). On a advice from Police Officer Kim (Lee Yoon-hee), Myung-sook also hires a beginner for the seafood segment, an ex-convict (Park Ji-bin) henceforth named ‘Saeng-seon’.

Later on that day, a minor lady known as Website positioning Yul (Ahn Se-bin) attempts to buy two bottles of soju, which Dae-sung refuses to promote to her. Yul then provides a pink slipper with a pink coronary heart, inquiring for it to be placed at the misplaced and located segment. Dae-sung, with his wonderful memory, is aware of particularly who the slipper belongs to, and even heads to the lady’s apartment to make a distinctive shipping. Apart from a pile of opened shipping containers, he finds a Daesung Mart bag hanging outdoors her door – with Choco Pies and a packet of stockings.

Dae-sung is as soon as again confronted by the “nunchucks grandpa” although on his way out. This time, he provides chase as the grandpa jumps into the grass thicket, and shortly hears the man’s curdled scream coming from inside. Dae-sung, much too, stumbles again in shock and screams in horror at his discovery: a useless woman body, with a kick-scooter, vacant Choco Pie packets and white tablets strewn all around her – and a pink slipper with a red coronary heart resting on one foot.


The law enforcement get there to carry out their investigations and when questioned, Dae-sung rattles off what he realized of the deceased, also a supermarket buyer: Kwon Bo-yeon, a 24-year-outdated daycare teacher battling despair, who experienced saved up sufficient details to “spend like money” at the supermarket. Viewing how the investigating officer was eyeing Dae-sung with suspicion, Officer Kim jumps in to assure him that Dae-sung has been this perceptive all his daily life.

The up coming day, information spreads amid MS Mart staff and buyers about Dae-sung finding the daycare teacher’s overall body. For Dae-sung, the biggest news he gained from minor Yul was how she’d spotted A-hee all dressed up and with somewhere to go. He at some point finds out that his girlfriend was attending a pace relationship session at a extravagant resort. Dae-sung turns up there in hopes of looking at her, but at some point leaves. Minor does he know, nonetheless, that A-hee spent most of the session subconsciously inquiring her dates about qualities specially relevant to Dae-sung.

Whilst on his way back again, Dae-sung passes the Catholic church where by Yul stated she’d observed the pink slipper. At the foot of the Virgin Mary statue, Dae-sung picks up a white tablet, considerably like individuals he had seen scattered around the daycare teacher’s physique. Spotting a pill path main to a bicycle stand, he notices a pair of women’s stockings strewn around one particular of the steel rails. Dae-sung hurriedly hides the stockings in his pocket when Officer Kim – who had arrive to pray – calls out to him.

In excess of at MS Mart, the Women’s Affiliation president raises a stink about not having plenty of of the right colored stockings available at the supermarket. This sparks a brainwave in Dae-sung, who heads up to the rooftop to discreetly take a look at out different kinds of women’s stockings, to figure out the form he’d discovered at the church. He inevitably discovers a single with the highest elasticity that is in a position to extend without having tearing – the same manufacturer he had observed in the bag that hung outdoors the daycare teacher’s door.


At the law enforcement station, A-hee gets a get in touch with from an ‘anonymous informant’ (actually Dae-sung, who’d inhaled heaps of balloon helium to mask his voice) who tells her that the childcare teacher’s loss of life was owing to getting strangled “by one thing delicate and elastic, like fabric”. They later meet up with up at a neighbourhood playground, with Dae-sung telling A-hee that he’d like to help her on this situation as significantly as doable, also to get her father’s acceptance. Disappointed at how Dae-sung does not look to feel considerably in advance, A-hee asks him if he genuinely desires to invest the relaxation of his life assisting her, sooner or later pleading, “Can’t you become any person of your personal?”

Back at the supermarket, the MS Mart staff just take the opportunity to do their individual searching, as part of their weekly 50% off staff members perk. Saeng-seon picks out some things as very well – with two pairs of ladies’ stockings between them, which raises Dae-sung’s curiosity and suspicions. Afterwards that night, a visibly-distressed Kyung-ah turns up at the grocery store with baggage in her palms, demanding to know which supply individual has been leaving them hanging on her doorway. These contained Choco Pies, stockings, tampons – and to the staff members members’ shock, a little something bloody in 1 of them.

Even with Myung-sook’s assurance that the objects weren’t delivered by anybody from MS, Kyung-ah insists on getting her membership information and facts eliminated. To her horror, she finds out that Dae-sung is capable to recite facts about her with no referring to the pc database. This raises Kyung-ah’s very own suspicions of Dae-sung, who counters that the perpetrator could be another consumer.

Not seeking to jeopardise her business any even more, Myung-sook shushes Dae-sung and requires for Kyung-ah to go away. Even following she does, the tensions in the keep go on to increase, major to a big blow up among Myung-sook and the other workforce in front of other buyers. Dae-sung later tries to do his own undercover operate by manually examining the purchases coinciding with the items Kyung-ah acquired, even to the extent of noting down his customers’ buys above the next couple days.

Right after closing the grocery store at the end of a get the job done night time, Myung-sook thinks out loud about how Dae-sung’s “nosiness” could get them into problems once more, possessing saved a low profile all this time. She recollects the time she was attacked in her very own store by counterfeiter Cheon-won, refreshing out of prison and out for revenge. Teenage Dae-sung, who had appear to meet his mom, witnesses the scene and will save her by putting Cheon-won at the again of his head with a can of peaches. Officer Kim ultimately helped to cover up the scenario by pouring a can of tomatoes in excess of the blood pool, telling them matter-of-factly to clear it up.

Myung-sook eventually decides to choose on bike deliveries for rival Sam Mart, to kill two birds with just one stone: creating added income, though checking out MS’ competitors. After earning a separate late-night shipping and delivery at Kyung-ah’s apartment complex, Myung-sook decides to head up to her floor. On listening to footsteps approaching, Myung-sook hides in a stairwell and places a particular person in the corridor loitering outdoors Kyung-ah’s apartment, whom she inevitably ends up confronting and beating up.


This turns out to be Yul’s father, serious estate agent Search engine marketing Cheon-kyu (Ryu Yeon-seok), who was tasked to examine out a water leak in the dwelling. Cheon-kyu asks Myung-sook to enter the apartment with him, lest he receives mistaken all over again as before. Inside, they equally uncover a grizzly find – Kyung-ah’s lifeless entire body, her blood diluted by the drinking water all around her. Also in close proximity to the human body: a can of peaches and a can opener, which a church volunteer viewing the ‘nunchucks grandpa’ – who had been hospitalised due to shock – had bought at the mart.

Again at MS Mart, Dae-sung discovers the supply of the ‘tablets’ (really vitamin candies) located at the criminal offense site and the Catholic church: a whale bubble gun marketed exclusively at the supermarket. On more digging, Dae-sung discovers that the enterprise that manufactures the solution was operate by none other than the “nunchucks grandpa”.

Dae-sung and A-hee head to the clinic where by ‘grandpa’ was currently being warded, but the man is nowhere in his home, conserve for his grey-haired wig propped up on a drinking water bottle. At the foyer, having said that, Dae-sung unintentionally runs into ‘grandpa’. Spotting a gold chain all-around his neck, he realises that he experienced when yet again arrive deal with to confront with his childhood nemesis: Cheon-received the counterfeiter. As A-hee and Dae-sung surround him, Cheon-won tends to make his shift to seize A-hee – and menacingly places a blade from her throat.

Appealing Quirks

  • How the MS Mart staff are not truly referred to by their true names, but by the departments, e.g.: Jungyuk (butcher/meat in Korean) Yachae (veggies in Korean) Saengseon (fish/seafood in Korean) and Alba (element-timer in Korean)
  • Dae-sung’s punny confession to A-hee in episode 1, using supermarket value labels on generate like cucumbers and garlic. Koreans are identified for their foodstuff-relevant puns (among other folks) as numerous of people phrases are homonyms of some others.

Issues we have:

  • It appears to be like everyone and their young children are acquiring up the mart’s super glue guns – what is the purpose for it?
  • Why, or who does Yul acquire soju for? Does her father have something to do with this ask for/errand?
  • What is the overall importance of Choco Pies – and how does this url to the killer?

‘The Killer’s Procuring List’ airs on tvN every single Wednesday and Thursday, and is also obtainable on Viu, Viki and iQIYI in chosen areas.


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