‘The Killer’s Shopping List’ episodes three and four recap: shopping for suspects


With a whale bubble gun in hand, Dae-sung (Lee Kwang-soo) confronts the “nunchucks grandpa” (Jang Gained-younger) at the clinic lobby, demanding to know the latter’s real identity. Moments afterwards, “grandpa” grabs keep of Dae-sung’s girlfriend, law enforcement officer A-hee (Kim Seol-hyun of AOA), and places a blade to her throat.

Dae-sung retains his eyes on them as he reaches for the plastic bag “grandpa” experienced thrown at him, and pulls out a can of peaches – the very product he’d thrown at counterfeiter Cheon-won’s head to save his mother, Myeong-sook (Jin Hee-kyung), who was being strangled by him. Cheon-gained taunts A-hee about her boyfriend – but gets caught off guard when she releases herself from his grip and throws him challenging on the ground in an arm lock.

As Dae-sung confirms that “grandpa” and Cheon-received are the very same man or woman, A-hee is left in slight disbelief. To Dae-sung’s shock, he finds out that A-hee (then an elementary college student) was an accidental witness of what took place all those people decades ago at the grocery store, and had thought Dae-sung killed Cheon-received.

In the midst of coaxing a confession from Cheon-won for Kwon Bo-yeon’s murder, A-hee and Dae-sung receive phone calls informing them about Kyung-a (Kwon So-hyun), whom Myung-sook and Web optimization Cheon-kyu (Ryu Yeon-seok) experienced learned useless in her condominium. Dae-sung rushes in excess of to the crime scene and manages to get to Myung-sook, who is conquer with grief and guilt above how she’d earlier dealt with Kyung-a at the grocery store. It is then that Dae-sung tells his mom that he’d caught Cheon-received, and that the counterfeiter is the a person who killed Bo-yeon and Kyung-a.

Myeong-sook is dealt with a double whammy as she sees Cheon-received becoming introduced to the scene, and finds out that “nunchucks grandpa” was actually him all alongside. She berates him for his vengeful steps and the very long-long lasting put up-traumatic result it’s left on Dae-sung, which has still left him not able to focus on his exams. Cheon-gained, on the other hand, demands to know why he was left for useless back then when Officer Kim Doo-hyun (Kang Gil-woo) had observed him in the dumpster.

Amid the hullabaloo, law enforcement detective Choi Ji-woong (Bae Myung-jin) arrives with his group and places a end to it, with Officer Kim tasking A-hee to send Myung-sook, Dae-sung and Cheon-kyu off. Just as they were being leaving the complicated, Dae-sung places a hooded Saeng-seon (Park Ji-bin) loitering on a bigger flooring of the creating.

Dae-sung and A-hee invest the night time ingesting on the supermarket rooftop, with Dae-sung using a toy laundry equipment to combine up liquor. He explains to A-hee that he’d learnt this trick from Bo-yeon, when he previous encountered her at the grocery store. A-hee asks her boyfriend why he’s so obsessed with her circumstance, and his remedy was very simple: “Bo-yeon and Kyung-a ended up each wonderful and alive.”

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Around at the police station, Detective Choi interrogates Cheon-received, who admits to hanging the Daesung Mart baggage on the women’s doors to elicit dread, in order to “get revenge” on Dae-sung and Myung-sook. To Detective Choi, Cheon-received experienced very much confessed to stalking, significantly to the latter’s vehement disagreement. Distressed, Cheon-gained goes off on a tangent about how Dae-sung experienced set him in jail, how his enterprise finished up failing and how he started off to age prematurely to a position where men and women commenced calling him “grandpa”. Cheon-received even alludes to how Dae-sung may possibly be the killer, getting just about killed an individual the moment – him.

At the grocery store the subsequent day, Dae-sung is shocked when he hears from Gong-san (Kim Mi-hwa) – who experienced been at the law enforcement substation – that when Cheon-gained could be billed for stalking, he wasn’t identified as the murderer. He rushes out in the middle of his lunch to chat to A-hee, who warns him to observe his again, even passing him a stun gun for Myeong-sook to maintain on hand just in situation. As Dae-sung also has a link with Choco Pies and canned peaches, A-hee fears that he might be below suspicion as very well, and tells him not to go over the case with anybody else but her.

Dae-sung observes Saeng-seon (whose genuine identify is Kang Sung-yoon) ultimately coming out of his shell and charming the feminine clients about at the fish division, but also notes some questionable overall body language. On undertaking a rapid background check, Dae-sung finds out that Saeng-seon life in the similar condominium block as Kyung-a. When in the break area, Dae-sung goes via Saeng-seon’s locker and finds women’s cosmetics, even lingerie, in a pouch. He will get narrowly found by Saeng-seon himself when he goes in to get a fresh new pair of rubber gloves, but manages to secretly nick his condominium important card.

Dae-sung heads to the intricate and sneaks into Saeng-seon’s condominium. Although rummaging by means of Saeng-seon’s matters, Dae-sung will come across a closet entire of women’s clothes, which includes stockings – and a cardigan that he recalled Kyung-a wearing on her very last check out to the supermarket. Saeng-seon returns home early, obtaining sold all his seafood wares, and Dae-sung can make it out of his condominium on time – by leaping out of the window. As he hangs precariously from the next-ground balcony, he sees Saeng-seon doing work on incorporating hair extensions to a very long-haired woman’s wig with a glue gun, and then dolling himself up with make-up (“He’s even better than me,” admits A-hee, who experienced arrive to be a part of Dae-sung).

That evening, Dae-sung and A-hee path Saeng-seon – completely dressed as a woman – down a purchasing road, but close up dropping him part way. In the meantime, as Ya-chae (Oh Hye-received) heads residence from a nearby comfort retailer, she quickens her ways as she senses that she’s being adopted. She freaks out even much more when she realises that the stalker experienced followed her all the way into her condominium block. The future early morning, a visibly-shaken Ya-chae turns up late for get the job done, telling her colleagues about her stalking ordeal. Dae-sung eyes a shifty Saeng-seon, when a involved Jung-yook (Lee Kyo-yeob) – who has a crush on Ya-chae, even with her staying married – provides to accompany her household, just to be protected.


Organization carries on as regular till a rock comes flying as a result of the glass window, lacking an currently-shaken Ya-chae by a hair’s breadth. Dae-sung heads out to locate Cheon-won – who experienced been produced by the law enforcement – with a further massive rock in hand, all set to just take aim. As Al-ba (Jo A-ram) calls the law enforcement, an agitated Cheon-gained carries on his pitiful spiel of how his everyday living was ruined because of Dae-sung, who shoots again that Cheon-gained was the a single who’d damage his mom, Myung-sook, to start with. They go on to trade barbs at each and every other even soon after the law enforcement arrives.

As Cheon-won is taken away, Detective Choi approaches Dae-sung and asks for his alibi on the evenings that Bo-yeon and Kyung-a were being killed. He provides that he has cause to think Dae-sung could be a suspect, as his kick-scooter was found in close proximity to the crime scene and his fingerprints detected on the plastic bag hanging on Bo-yeon’s doorway. Even with not owning a warrant, the detective proceeds to search Dae-sung’s rooftop room.

When he comes throughout the stockings tied to his door tackle, Dae-sung describes how he’d analyzed them out to determine which variety the killer could have utilised. Detective Choi’s suspicions are even further aroused when Myung-sook and A-hee come storming by way of the doorway to defend Dae-sung, and decides to consider him in for questioning. A annoyed Dae-sung asks the detective why he’s throwing away time questioning the improper suspect in switch, Detective Choi points out how unsettling it is for him to seemingly know each individual solitary depth of the supermarket’s customers.


In the meantime, A-hee stakes out the law enforcement headquarters for 47 hours, right before confronting Detective Choi for holding Dae-sung in custody without a warrant. Dae-sung is inevitably produced, with the detective warning that he’ll go on preserving an eye out. Dae-sung returns to a marginally chilly reception at the supermarket, but is warmly welcomed back again by his mom and dad frying up slices of tofu (ordinarily offered to a human being launched from jail, to characterize a fresh begin) on the rooftop. It is there that Myung-sook vows to monitor down the killer, so as to obvious Dae-sung’s title.

Later on that evening, Dae-sung, Myung-sook and A-hee collect in the rooftop home to go over their subsequent transfer, determining to slim down attainable suspects from in just the grocery store. Myung-sook and Dae-sung would retain a near look at on Gong-san (true name: Yoon Ga-hee) and Jung-yook (serious title: Yang Jun-ho), while A-hee does so with Saeng-seon.

Gong-san’s legal motive (if any) is to acquire benefit of fallen home price ranges, as it is her aspiration to very own a household in the neighbourhood, in her son’s title. Simply because of her side hustle as a door-to-doorway cosmetics saleswoman, she has intel on condominium statuses, many thanks to her relationships with people in the upkeep workplaces and security posts.

Gong-san even butters up to Search engine marketing Cheon-kyu (Yul’s father), who runs his have authentic estate place of work, to get facts out of him. Younger-choon (Shin Sung-woo Myung-sook’s spouse and Dae-sung’s father) even lets on to Myung-sook and A-hee that Gong-san is intensely associated in the neighbourhood’s redevelopment venture union, with present rumours of her preparing to invest in up the murder victims’ flats on the affordable to develop her share.

As for Jung-yook, he receives mildly irritated when Dae-sung inquiries him about previous buys relevant to the killer scenario (tampons and canned peaches), which turns into slight hostility when questioned about his crush on the married Ya-chae. Though the trio experienced not adopted up on Saeng-seon, it’s small Search engine optimization Yul (Ahn Se-bin) that offers up some appealing information: she had spotted him signing an condominium lease at her father’s workplace two months prior to, all-around the time of Bo-yeon’s murder. At the grocery store, the small female once again picks up some other odd objects, this kind of as veggies and a bottle of drain cleaner.

When Officer Kim stops by, he places Dae-sung keeping Bo-yeon’s pink slipper, and asks how he’d gotten it. After hearing that it was Yul who had introduced it over, the officer – and eventually, Dae-sung – realises that the minimal lady could be an eyewitness to the scenario. It turns out that Yul had in fact witnessed Bo-yeon’s murder and abduction on the Catholic church grounds, and even discovered her system hidden among the thicket.


Myung-sook heads to the Seos’ residence, although Dae-sung goes to Cheon-kyu’s genuine estate office environment in lookup of Yul. He afterwards returns to the grocery store to get Saeng-seon’s vital card, and rushes off. Dae-sung manages to burst his way into the condominium, but doesn’t see any trace of Yul. As he and Saeng-seon get into a struggle, Myung-sook operates in and ends up making use of the stun gun on Saeng-seon to knock him out quickly. Soon just after, Dae-sung discovers Saeng-seon’s hidden room of women’s products.

When Saeng-seon comes to, he finds himself sitting down on a chair with his palms tied, and the mother-son pair reverse him. Dae-sung asks about Kyung-a’s cardigan, and Saeng-seon reveals that she had given it to him in advance of going to a friend’s residence. To Saeng-seon, who identifies as female and is awaiting gender reassignment treatments, Kyung-a was her only good friend, as she accepted Saeng-seon for who she is.

Right after Myung-sook and Dae-sung apologise to Saeng-seon, she tells them that she’d arrive across very little Yul before in the day, going for walks the streets on her very own. Small do they know that Yul was currently being held captive at that very moment, cowering in panic and tearfully pleading for mercy as a mysterious determine ways her – first with stretched stockings in hand, then with a glue gun with incredibly hot glue dripping from it.

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Memorable Moment

  • The episode 4 throwback to the tender trade among Saeng-seon and Kyung-a for Saeng-seon, this was a memory that manufactured getting rid of (her) only buddy even a lot more painful.

‘The Killer’s Searching List’ airs on tvN each and every Wednesday and Thursday, and is also readily available on Viu, Viki and iQIYI in selected regions.


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