The Killer’s Shopping List Review: Lee Kwang Soo, Seolhyun & Jin Hee Kyung’s drama is dark comedy gold


Starring Lee Kwang Soo, Seolhyun, and Jin Hee Kyung, tvN’s ‘The Killer’s Shopping List’ premiered on April 27, 2022, and airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10.30 pm KST (7 pm IST). With a total of eight episodes, the story stars Lee Kwang Soo as Ahn Dae Sung, a cashier in a mart owned by his mother, after being unable to pass the civil service exam despite being a genius at memorisation. He is joined by Seolhyun as Do Ah Hee, his police officer girlfriend, and Jin Hee Kyung playing his mother, Han Myung Sook.

The investigative thriller comedy is based on the novel of the same name by Kang Ji Young, and is about an ordinary neighbourhood on the outskirts of Seoul that becomes the scene of a mysterious murder and kick-starts an engrossing hunt for the killer. 

Episode 1 of ‘The Killer’s Shopping List’ starts off by taking us back in time, showing us how elementary-school-kid-era Ahn Dae Sung helps his mother take down a criminal attempting to use fake notes to make purchases at their family store, MS Mart (then Dae Sung Mart), by using his exceptional observation skills and quick wits. 

Fast forward to the present, and the little corner store has transformed into a massive supermarket, thanks to the hard work and determination of Han Myung Sook. Ahn Dae Sung, meanwhile, has given up on studying for the civil service exam after years of failing. His girlfriend of many years, Do Ah Hee, seems to have had enough of his aimless ways, and expresses her frustration at him for not being able to find his direction despite having immense potential.

As the episode progresses, we get to see Ahn Dae Sung joining the mart as an official employee rather than just helping out, and through various scenes scattered through, MS Mart is established as an important element, crucial to the crime that is about to happen. After introducing the characters, their backstories, and their relationships with each other, the episode ends with Ahn Dae Sung discovering a woman’s dead body. 

While episode 1 focused on setting the scene, episode 2 is where things really get moving. Ahn Dae Sung, a true busybody through and through, is unable to move past the crime and mind his own business. He takes it upon himself to solve the mystery, putting his genius-like memory to the task.

‘The Killer’s Shopping List’ is perfectly paced, not too slow and not too fast. Combine it with stellar acting, movie-esque cinematography and storytelling, and you have absolute dark comedy gold. Tune in for week two? We definitely will! 


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