The significance of a robust online community in 2023

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Today, many businesses are attempting to establish an online community to assist their customers in learning, sharing, and collaborating, which can foster growth and relevance in their respective industries.

Communities are built on listening to what people want and allowing them to shape the evolution of what it is. The idea is to listen to what they want and provide them with the tools they require to facilitate change. The best thing you can do is listen. Organizations frequently establish online communities to bring people together around a common goal to foster extensive online collaboration and growth.

Several businesses, such as the fashion brand Sassy Jones have made a robust online community to gain their audience. The brand has a unique and inspiring story that appeals to the crowd. 

After having twin boys, Charis Jones hit the road to introduce Sassy Jones to the world, with inventory in the trunk and a dream of making women feel undeniably confident through style. This van has traveled over 30,000 miles in 15 months to spread the word about Sassy Jones across America.

But she hit a ‘wall’ after that, realizing that the trade show business model wasn’t sustainable. Her exhausted body had been worn down by sleepless nights as a new mother of two while also traveling. She still wonders how she got through those years, but her hunger propelled her. The brand has now reached a global level and has attracted a robust online community based on its brand.  

Attracting a robust online community is filled with benefits for the company. These benefits are crucial to a business, and such benefits include factors like:

  • It is not uncommon for people to grab their phones and conduct a quick Google or YouTube search to find answers to their questions about professional services. The internet has become the source, but there is so much information available and many different formats to access it.
  • Having an online community eliminates the need to spend hours doing a Google search on a topic that has more than likely been discussed in a community thread. Better yet, you can get a direct answer from a specific community member. An online community brings people together and gives users a simple and quick way to explore and find a solution to their issues. 
  • Communities include a support system. This assistance may come from an employee providing guidance and feedback or from other users. In either case, the desired aid can be obtained. Many people today have unanswered questions that they encounter. Online communities in business application modeling techniques like this one aim to provide users with a one-stop shop for answers to day-to-day challenges from subject-matter experts who provide trusted resources.
  • An online ecosystem provides a platform for people to exchange information, giving everyone who participates a voice. Participation from members will help foster and grow the organization, and encouraging community involvementnity will help the organization strengthen its reputation and credibility.

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