Amazon is overtaking Google and Facebook in the challenges of advertising securing the third largest platform in the digital world. Moreover, the place of Oath and Microsoft is also at risk after this significant increment. Besides this, you should also visit for more information. This emergence is observed and published by US eMarket Researchers. 

Their research says about Amazon that in 2017, Amazon made $150000 of total income through US membership on Amazon Prime and also the e-commerce leader supplied more than 5 billion products around the globe through its Primary network. 2018 was the year in which Amazon made $111 billion which overtook Google and Facebook by $41 billion and $23 billion respectively. It means Amazon made 58% of US digitization if we take 2017 as a reference. 

Furthermore, the firm said that the “tremendous growth” of Amazon will continue “to boost excitement about whether the new commerce powerhouse is a major challenger to the world’s largest ad publishers.”. 


For those in the e-commerce and business sectors, the massive number of users and subscribers contributed to a strong community. Approximately half of all commodity searchers are looking for a new good or service to buy directly from Amazon. Brands recognize that Amazon will provide them with a solid, reliable forum to find potential clients.

The prominence of the vertical search segment grew symbolically. Vertical search helps users to locate what they’re searching for more accurately. Most of the brands shifted to search for space in the Amazon platform to get targeted audiences because Amazon is growing rapidly and it is a plus point.

The economic influence of Amazon also gives a high level of assurance to the product line, they feel assured that their offerings and advertising will be seen and that clients will eventually return. Brands trust Amazon to give them high visibility among their prospective clients.


The advertising goals of Amazon will be to enhance the overall accessibility of its promotional activities, help make better consumer choices, simplify the tasks that marketers need to do, and have comfort and flexibility so that advertising companies understand what effects they are generating on Amazon investments.

Considering the advantages, we can conclude by the Amazon researches that;

  1. Buyer’s community is strong: Buyer’s community is great and returning clients. In comparison, advertisements displayed in front of them by Amazon are mostly used as recommendations rather than actual ads.
  2. Flexible and Reliable: Without a subscription, customers can buy their products with a high guarantee.
  3. The environment is safe: Unlike Google, Facebook, or YouTube, advertising agencies are less at risk of getting their name correlated with something negative.

This third spot has the largest community all over the world and will continue to grow. Google and Facebook have been the biggest players but now, Amazon is taking the place of these two tech-giants in the advertising area. Besides these two giants, Amazon Prime is having tough competition with Netflix by challenging its subscriptions as it has the best video streaming platform. In short, a parallel competition of Amazon Prime and Netflix is in the eyes of the community. Also, we are seeing the parallel competition of Amazon Advertising and Google-Facebook duopoly’s advertising platform.

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