Tijuana is the most expensive city to buy groceries in Baja California


“Who’s Who: Essential Basket Prices” introduced by the head of the Federal Buyer Company (PROFECO), Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, reveals the price ranges of simple basket merchandise in Mexico, with this data being updated just about every week. Despite months passing by, Tijuana nonetheless has the most expensive supermarkets in the northern region of the state.

According to facts shared on May possibly 9, the Walmart grocery store located in Plaza Galerías of Colonia Hipódromo, is even now 1 of the most costly supermarkets when it will come to the primary basket in the northern region of the country with a total price of $1,151.35 pesos. This location contains the states of Baja California, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, Sonora, and Tamaulipas.

This week is just a different week where by Tijuana has appeared on the checklist of the supermarkets with the most high-priced essential baskets. Sheffield statements that this info can help Mexican families to be a lot more professional about in which to invest in goods for their properties so that they are not impacted by inflation.

It really should be mentioned that, according to CONEVAL, the pursuing 24 merchandise are the ones that make up the record of primary basket products and solutions. It is the approximate intake of a spouse and children of 4 members in a just one week period of time:

  • Canola or corn oil 1 bottle of 946 ml.
  • Rice grains 1 kg.
  • Tuna in oil 2 cans of 140 gr.
  • Conventional sugar 1 kg.
  • Beefsteak 1 kg.
  • White onion 1 kg.
  • Jalapeño pepper 1 kg.
  • Pork chops 1 kg.
  • Black Beans 900 grs.
  • White chicken eggs 1 bundle with 18 eggs
  • Cleaning soap 1 piece
  • Tomatoes 1 kg.
  • Limes 1 kg.
  • Pasteurized milk 5 pieces of 1 L each and every
  • Red apple 1 kg.
  • Valencia orange 1 kg.
  • Bread 1 package deal of 680 grs.
  • Potatoes 1 kg.
  • Bathroom paper 1 bag with 4 pieces
  • Soup pasta 1 package of 220 grs.
  • Whole hen 1 kg.
  • Can of sardines with tomato 1 can of 425 gr.
  • Corn tortilla 4kg.
  • Carrots 1 kg.

Meanwhile, Soriana Súper grocery store, situated at the Ruíz Cortínes ramp, positioned itself with one particular of the cheapest primary basket charges in the northern element of the state with a total selling price of $1,118.65 pesos, being fourth on the list.

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