Vacation Hair: Do You Bother Styling Your Hair When You’re on a Trip?


It actually relies upon on what variety of trip it is.

If it’s a journey involving outdoor adventures like camping, or traveling to the seashore or a pool on any provided day, then odds are the styling will be nominal — following shampooing and conditioning (I wash my hair each and every day), I’ll function in some depart-in conditioner, permit it air dry and then do a ponytail, bun or a french twist with a claw clip. Probably if I’m feeling ambitious I’ll comb the cray-cray child hairs down with some brow gel.

Humorous matter is when we get these variety of outdoorsy journeys, even nevertheless I know I’ll be doing the bare bare minimum with my hair, that does not quit me from bringing a styling device each and every solitary time. What can I say? There is one thing about having the possibility to do my hair that is kinda comforting to me!

Case in position: proper now there’s a t3 curling iron sitting in my baggage, and even however I in all probability won’t touch it during the vacation, I like being aware of it’s there in case I change my thoughts.

Now, if the excursion centers close to sightseeing in a town, then I’ll generally attempt to fashion it, even if it’s just a few unfastened curls with my curling iron, so my hair does not search also insane in shots.

Is your holiday hair regime the identical as your non-trip hair program? Do you trouble styling your mane when you’re on a vacation?

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