My Bloody Valentine Movie Review

My BLOODY, BLOODY Valentine Hold on tight. This new release DVD for rent deserves a bold, over-exaggerated heading. I’m telling you, this one is actually good. I hate having to watch and review horror movies, it’s just not what I’m into. I like a laid back comedy, or some action.This horror film goes beyond action. My Bloody Valentine as I saw in theaters actually glues you to the edge of your seat for every single heart beat of the movie.

If not the only horror film produced in 3D it is most certainly the BEST. I had never seen many 3D movies personally before this one. I guess I haven’t kept up with 3D based films and technology has passed me by, that, or I just have not seen any good 3D movies. In My Bloody Valentine things actually pop out of the screen at you when you wear the glasses. It does in fact look real and with an added dimension. I could swear there was a pick axe in front of my face cracked through a windshield, or in one scene a girl is being chased by the crazed murderer down a long hallway. She was coming vertically down the screen and on either side of her every few steps there were these pillars as high as the ceiling. As she passed by each alignment of pillars you could actually think you could see the entire map of the room in 3D, the pillars would run down the screen with you, it looked realistic. I think 3D should be the basis of all horror movies in the future. It adds a third sense of terror. Along with high definition 3D surround sound in theaters, 3D is perfect for any horror film and would increase your chances at hitting the winning box office for that week. It adds to the enjoyment of the film and takes away from the pain your injuring wearing those sluggish glasses for two hours. Horror fans, a good three-dimensional movie? Edge of your seat thrill ride, insane fatalities? Even some blood-splatting nudity? This all starts in a small town called Harmony. Pick this one up the 19th.

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