Music Review of The Moola Mantra by Deva Premal

Deva Premal sings with the voice of an angel, the heart of one who has known love and loss, and the soul of an enlightened Master. I have had the distinct pleasure of following Deva and life partner Miten’s music for several years, since reviewing their album Embrace back in early 2003. I can also highly recommend their other titles, including The Essence and Love is Space. With the forthcoming The Moola Mantra (release date August 28, 2007), I’m delighted to return to this duo’s exquisite brand of devotional chant music that has garnered fans all over the world, with total CD sales surpassing half a million.

The Moola Mantra is perhaps their finest album yet, gracefully weaving Deva’s transcendently pure voice, sitar, bansuri flute, dotar, tabla, piano, string quartet and ambient electronica into a richly layered tapestry of sacred chants that honor all traditions, religions, creeds and spiritual paths. Joined by superb musicians including Jai Uttal, Benjy Wertheimer, Manos and Kit Walker, Deva and Miten transport the listener into a world of blissful grace. For nearly 20 years they have traveled all over the world, offering themselves as living examples of male/female energy balance, sharing their music as a sacred tool for healing and intimacy.

I’m happy to tell you that Deva and Miten will be on a concert tour. From August 31 through mid-December throughout the United States, with a stop in Calgary and the Bahamas. They’ll be in Santa Rosa California on September 29. I hope to see some of you there. Even after repeated listenings, I find that The Moola Mantra feeds my soul in ways that only my heart understands, and receives my highest recommendation.

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