Movie Reviews and Your Movie Experience

A well-written movie review can enhance your movie experience. Without revealing crucial information about the movie, a movie review can get you excited in watching the movie.

If you get excited to watch a movie after reading a review, then that review has made a good impact on you. It means that you know what to expect and what experience you are going to have.

Your movie experience is the commodity that you are paying for. – You don’t want a movie that is so bad, you want to puke. You want a film that could make you think, make you laugh, make you cry and make you understand life a little better. With a movie review, you get a taste of this movie experience.

Movies, ultimately, are about human life. – So are reviews. If the reviews fail to engage you, then they are doing a disservice to the movie and to you as a movie viewer.

Movie reviews set the baseline of your film watching experience. – You keep in mind what the critics say and when you finally get to watch the film, you test their theories, their ratings, and their predictions. If a particular critic is right, then you will come to trust that critic more. Otherwise, you’ll have to trust in your instinct in watching.

It is very easy to look for an online movie review. You may simply search the term “movie review” in Google or search for the particular movie that you want to read about. You can also check out Penstalker Movie Reviews for what Penstalker has to say about the movies he has already watched.

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