How to Negotiate on Your Engagement Ring?


So, you have begun your quest for the great engagement ring. You’ve uncovered a gorgeous statement piece, but the price tag is marginally in excess of your finances.

Negotiating with your jeweler for a greater price tag is an simple remedy to this issue. But is this typical exercise? Will the jeweler be offended? And how do you even go about it?

I’ve been providing jewellery (in particular uncommon and vintage) for decades, and in this post, I’ll reveal all the insider tricks on negotiating for a far better cost on your jewelry.

Is it Rude to Negotiate on an Engagement Ring?

Afshin Negotiating prices on vintage ring at estate diamond jewelry showroom

I’m delighted to tell you that the response is no.

It is in fact totally acceptable to negotiate the value of any piece of jewellery. Jewelers know this and will hope it.

That remaining said, it’s essential to be aware that the business jewelry chain shops (and brand identify jewellery retailers) will almost often quickly shoot down your negotiating tries. They have set (and heavy inflated) charges and they have no intention of going down even a minor.

Smaller boutiques and on the internet internet sites, on the other hand, will almost often be absolutely open to a small haggling.

Our corporation, Estate Diamond Jewellery, for instance, has been in small business for more than 40 decades and has one particular of the biggest collections of classic rings in the environment, and however we nevertheless work with every single of our consumers to locate a value that operates for them. Negotiations are a part of our day-to-day.

The vital vital for clients to master is how to negotiate and what not to say or do.

Major Insider Insider secrets on Negotiating Your Engagement Ring Price

Customer Holding Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Showroom

In this article are my major hacks on how to help you negotiate like a professional when obtaining an engagement ring.

1. Come across a Promo Code

This is the easiest and most productive system for scoring yourself a far better value.

Jewellery outlets (particularly on the net jewellery stores) operate bargains and promotions all the time. These promotions will commonly variety from 5% to 10%.

Research their web page, social media platforms, and e-mail lists for their most up-to-date promo code. Even if the code has by now expired, you can normally question if they are keen to lengthen it for you.

Odds are — if you request properly — the jewellery keep will agree to apply the lower price.

Specialist Suggestion: Use a web site like to obtain promo codes for your wanted engagement ring retailer.

2. Determine a Fantastic Value to Commence Off Negotiations

Let’s say you cannot come across any promo codes or the promo codes are for a 5% lower price or less? In that circumstance, you may possibly want to attempt negotiating the selling price.

When you settled on a ring, acquire a search at the price and establish how considerably you can fairly counteroffer.

The greatest miscalculation when negotiating for an engagement ring is by starting up off on the mistaken total.

If a diamond ring is shown online for $1,800 — for example — and you contact them up and counter-supply to invest in it for $500, not only will they reject your present straight out, but they’ll also be hesitant to carry on the discussion. Most jewelers will basically dismiss you as not serious — rightfully so — and you will miss your probability at receiving a fantastic discount.

The trick is to select a starting off selection that is someplace all-around 20% off the retail value. Utilizing the over instance, I would advise featuring $1,440 for a $1,800 ring.

By the time you and the jeweler complete counter-providing, you can hope to land by yourself a sweet 8% — 10% price reduction.

3. By no means At any time Get Confrontational When Bargaining

One of the greatest mistakes that consumers make when negotiating is pondering that “being tough” will get them a far better deal.

As somebody who has been in this organization for decades, I can assure you that confrontational bargainers in no way get the finest rates. In point, they continuously get a much worse offer than the uncomplicated-heading clients.

Allow me make clear.

For most jewelers, their margin of revenue on each ring (once you element in all their overhead costs as well) won’t be way too dramatic.

They will generally be completely ready to drive on their own to make a sale, but they will not be eager to reduce far too significantly cash in get to make it happen.

If you threaten to walk absent unless of course you get your wished-for offer, the jeweler will speedily drop interest. And if you are impolite, offended, or aggressive about it, he might even nudge you towards the doorway with a little assist from the stability guard.

In brief, the second that the negotiations get even slightly hostile or threatening in any way, the jeweler will emotionally shut down. He’ll possibly give a very small low cost and phone it a working day, or he’ll keep on to the ring and hold out for a improved customer.

If you want to find out how to cut price properly with no currently being hostile, skip to variety 9.

4. Really don’t Drop for the 1st “Discount”

Say you enter a retail outlet and slender down your choices to two rings. You like them equally, and you ask about the cost. The vendor tells you that the price tag is commonly this, but they can offer you the ring at a reduced value. You feel you have just bought a discount, but the truth is, you have no idea if the price they presented is really the lowest they can go.

So, really do not say of course immediately to this “lowered” rate, hold gently negotiating and see if you can get an even improved deal. So extensive as you are respectful and courteous, the jewellery retail store will want to make you pleased.

If a light nudging doesn’t get you a improved value, you’ve most likely strike their cheapest cost.

5. Under no circumstances Volunteer to Disclose Your Budget

If you are likely to visit a jewelry retailer in man or woman, don’t give absent the specific price tag that you are keen to pay out the instant you walk in. Give the jeweler an total ballpark figure and inquire to see a number of alternatives within that normal selling price bracket.

In some cases, the jeweler may well inevitably question you specifically for your precise spending plan, and if they do you have no preference but to be upfront.

Even if the jeweler discovers your actual price range, and then you conclusion up slipping in really like with a ring that is considerably a lot more reasonably priced, you can nonetheless ask for a much better price. If you put in your ask for kindly, the jeweler will probably nonetheless give you a price reduction.

On this take note, keep in thoughts that supplying a misleading or incorrect spending plan amount (will squander everyone’s time, and) normally backfires as soon as the jeweler realizes that they’ve been misled.

7. Perform with Your Partner

If you’re acquiring a ring with each other, which many partners do these days, make positive you’re on the similar site.

Concur on a finances, come to a decision regardless of whether you are inclined to stretch the funds, and in which instances, and agree on the purpose of your visit — is it to make a remaining final decision, or is it the first journey of numerous?

The moment you obtain a ring you are established on, it’s a very good notion for 1 of you to maintain the pleasure contained and not give away what you are really imagining to the seller. If they consider that you are each totally marketed on a certain ring at the present value, it’s not likely they’re likely to offer their ideal discount.

In limited, 1 of you ought to play “good cop” (see below) and the other “bad cop”. Of training course, the “bad cop” cannot basically be terrible or impolite, or else the overall deal will tumble apart.

If you haven’t calculated your funds still, test our engagement ring calculator. It will give you a mathematical determine for how a great deal you may perhaps want to commit.

Of class, it should really be mentioned that no one particular need to ever place on their own underneath fiscal strain in get to pay for their engagement ring. That is in no way a good notion and typically results in even more challenges.

8. Give Yourself an Academic Edge

An additional fantastic way to impress the jeweler and leverage your self to an a lot easier negotiation is to review everything that there is to know about diamonds and engagement rings, specially in just the market that you’re searching.

If you’re interested — for example — in classic rings, I would advocate shelling out a lot of time on a classic jewellery blog (like this one) and starting to be an pro on the topic.

The jeweler will ordinarily be amazed by your knowledge and will be considerably keener to negotiate favorably with you.

Of class, really do not leverage your understanding to try out to “lecture” or “educate” the jeweler. That will not function out nicely when attempting to coax a discount out of him.

9. Praise (and In no way Criticize) the Ring

Regular bargaining knowledge would convey to you that the more you criticize the ring, the superior price cut you are going to get.

Have confidence in me. This is 100% completely wrong.

Jewelers are proud and vain. If you insult a ring that they made, curated, or gathered they are probably to get defensive definitely promptly. If anyone dissed one of the rare vintage rings from my selection, I would try out my most effective to be polite, but I would probably be a bit insulted.

But which is not all negative information, mainly because on the flip facet, if the jeweler sees that the shopper has fallen in really like with just one of their rings, they will bend more than backward to support the buyer walk absent with their “dream ring”.

Jewelers (and jewelry collectors) are artists. They’d usually somewhat sell to a client who appreciates their art than to a buyer who could not care significantly less.

Not usually. But normally.

In Summary

Tray of Diamond Engagement Rings in Showroom

Be well mannered and upfront with your jeweler, and they will generally extend themselves to make you satisfied when you check with if you can get a much better cost.

It is actually that easy.


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