I Feared for Menopause

I never knew this day would come so soon but I was dazed when my naturally “overflow or heavy” menstrual period was “scarily scanty.”

I foolishly called my friend telling her I was close to menopause. This is absurd but nothing else came to my mind at that time. I just turned 30 years and my best friend thinks my biological clock is ticking, now am faced with this, so I blamed it on menopause, “that simple” I thought.

Menopause is the period in a woman’s life, when menstrual periods stops permanently and during this time, she can’t conceive because the function of the ovary ceases too.

This process happens gradually, Not Overnight and it varies in women’s life too between the age of 45 – 55 years.

I began to manufacture unrealistic symptoms on my head, “you can’t imagine,” but symptoms of menopause include abnormal virginal bleeding, hot flashes, virginal and urinary disease(s) among others, according to researches.

I thought of the possibilities of this happening now and so many unimaginable things. I can’t tell why I always think of the worse of all situations and this makes me get angry easily.
At that point all I needed was a shrink to talk me out of this scary tale.

Further research revealed that hypnosis will help my habit of thinking worse of situations, as this will give me a clearer perspective “I wasn’t wrong when I said I needed a shrink.”

Forgive me if I over panicked but what was I supposed to do? That finally “karma” caught up with me, because I can remember how hard I laughed at a friend’s ignorance, when she had similar issue at age 20 and blamed it on menopause, “here I am Ten years later.”

The research continued and here are reasons for abnormality in menstrual, which I settled for.

It exposed the fact that most women experience abnormal bleeding at some point, it could be long/ short periods, heavy or light periods or even missed periods and this is due to hormonal imbalance.

Hormonal imbalance can rise from dramatic changes in weight, vigorous exercise, excessive stress, or even as a side effect of some medications.

Although, early menopause in women can happen before the age of 40, but can be caused by some certain medical treatments or could be genetic.

What a scare I gave to myself! I still have time afterall, knowing that my biological clock was perfect is a relief.

… and as I look forward to living life the best way I can… I pray to age with grace.

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