Last Week’s $72 Kroger Shopping Trip (+ what we ate)


I went to Kroger on Friday and picked up some wonderful promotions! My full was $72 for all the groceries proven higher than.

Sugar was on sale for $1.27/bag with the digital coupon. Potatoes ended up on sale for $1.77/bag with the digital coupon. And nectarines and peaches were being just $.97/lb all over again.

The Only Steam veggies are just $.99 every single with the electronic coupon. And I splurged and obtained a roast that was marked down to $10!

I was excited about these pizzas to stick in the freezer for easy 7 days night time dinners!

Have you ever noticed or attempted these berries ahead of?? Are they any good? I noticed them at the keep (I don’t remember ever observing them just before!) and they appeared like strawberries that did not ripen!

I had gotten some tomato soup marked down a several months in the past, we experienced bread and heaps of cheese, so we did grilled cheese and tomato soup and it was a strike.

Some of you instructed creating the Irish Soda Bread into French Toast. Because we had gotten all those people eggs marked down, it was the great 7 days to consider that. It was yummy!

Silas created steaks for us a single night. He loves to check out cooking shows and produced his personal marinade. They had been so delightful!

If you have been subsequent for a extensive time, I wager you can guess what we’re working with these substances for for dinner tonight! (Here’s a hint.)


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