Movie Review – The Right Temptation

I’ve been missing my Kiefer Sutherland, so I was very excited to see “The Right Temptation” on cable.

The story centers on Derian McCall (Rebecca De Mornay) a private detective hired by Anthea Farrow-Smith (Dana Delany) to spy on her potentially wayward husband Michael Farrow-Smith (Kiefer Sutherland).

Derian follows Michael around for a week and reports back that she witnesses no foul play. Unsatisfied with this effort, Anthea proposes that Derian seduce Michael to truly test his devotion. Derian initially refuses, but then quickly changes her mind when Anthea promises to double her fee.

During a series of flashbacks, we learn that Derian is a former undercover cop, who quit because she became romantically involved with a suspect. With her prior indiscretions planted firmly in her psyche, she goes about trying to entice Michael.

After a couple of innocent encounters, in which Michael adamantly declares his loyalty to his marriage, they finally succumb to their temptations and engage in a torrid affair.

Derian reports back to Anthea and attempts to end the assignment, when Anthea breaks down and tells her it was never about Michael’s romantic affairs, it was about his business affairs. Anthea is terrified that Michael is dealing with people who are extremely dangerous and she’s afraid for their lives.

Derian’s continued involvement, with this unusual couple, draws her further into their tangled web; where no one’s innocent and nothing’s as it seems.

This movie is trying to be a romantic noir-thriller, but the end result is nowhere close to romantic, noir or thrilling. This movie was laughably terrible. There were multiple moments where I literally laughed out loud.

I’m not sure where to begin, so let’s first address the acting. I have enjoyed each of these actors in various other performances, so this movie was a huge disappointment.

Delany was too diabolical and gave away too much of her character, which took the edge off of the final twist.

De Mornay was dull and lifeless throughout the entire film. Her incompetent acting was made all the more prominent by the ridiculous wig she was sporting in the flashback sequences. The only thing remotely endearing about her character was that she owned a pet pig.

Sutherland’s performance was uneven and uninspired. It seemed as if he wasn’t sure how to approach the character of Michael Farrow-Smith. He also has this annoying tendency to grab a woman’s head during a kiss, which makes the moment feel woefully manufactured.

I don’t want to place the full blame on the actors, because this movie contained some seriously, awful material. It was as if they decided on the beginning and the ending and tried to force the middle to adapt to both. There were so many unrealistic components, which bumped you out of the story, that by the time you reached the twist ending, you no longer cared.

I guarantee the phrase “Oh, come on!” will escape the lips of any person who watches this movie.

Bottom line: Laughably bad movie. Only recommended for dire-hard Kiefer Sutherland fans.

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